6 Reliable Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Your Online Business Sales


You’ll need more than a stunning website and an amazing product to grow your online business.

Considering how noisy the internet has become, you are bound to be ignored by your target audience due to the millions of posts published daily.

To succeed, you need proven marketing strategies that can drive loads of traffic to your website. The more targeted traffic you bring into your website, the more chances you have at closing more deals.

In this guide we’ll cover several tried and tested marketing strategies for your online business.


1. Leverage social media 

Social media platforms are some of the best spaces for running targeted ads and widening your reach. 

In-platform tools such as Facebook Audience Insights, for instance, helps you reach hyper-specific audiences and narrow them down by gender, age, location, specific behaviors, interests, etc.



With this tool, you’ll discover your ideal customers’ interests and find relevant audiences, improving your ad campaign’s performance.

For example, instead of promoting a training program on becoming a life coach to a general audience, use the tool to find people specifically interested in that pursuit. These can be people who followed business coach training pages, etc.

FB Audience Insights also help you identify “lookalike audiences” with your existing customers.

This allows you to scale and refine your Facebook ads, expanding your reach, and increasing your sales opportunities.       


2. Run affiliate marketing programs

Affiliate programs let you work with bloggers, publishers, influencers, etc. who can help promote your products and brand and earn commissions in exchange.  

Done right, running these marketing programs reduce your resources spent on your promotional efforts while helping increase your sales.

Use these tips to find influencers whom you can help promote your products.

  • Find social media influencers. Run influencer marketing campaigns. Use tools such as Influence.co to find influencers based on their number of followers, reach, social channels they’re active in, and more. 


           Maximize the platform’s advanced search filters to find influencers based on engagement rate, number of followers, gender, etc.

  • Tap into your network. Find potential affiliates by connecting with people in your niche who aren’t your direct competitors.

Consider tapping into their audience as well to look for people who are interested in your product and will most likely promote your brand. 


3. Offer discounts

Offering discounts requires the right approach, which is why it’s important to have an ecommerce marketing strategy if you’re selling online products.  

After all, you want to ensure you’re earning more instead of losing profit when you’re running sales promotions. 

Find a balance between when and how often you use discounts and offer them to the right audience segments to increase your online sales.

Here’s an example from Laura Mercier cosmetics. 


Provide discounts to first-time visitors in exchange for their email address, entice shoppers to buy your products, and grow your email list.

It’s an excellent strategy to boost your sales while capturing contacts for your email marketing and retargeting campaigns.   


4. Create customer loyalty programs

Acquiring new customers can be more expensive than selling to your existing consumers, which is why establishing brand loyalty is vital.

Run customer loyalty programs to encourage people to patronize your brand and products. 

Spell out the mechanics of your loyalty program, such as how customers can get discounts when they earn a specific number of points. 

Keep your customers interested and entice them to buy again by offering rewards to frequent buyers.

This is easy to pull off with the help of feature-packed ecommerce CRMs since you have quick access to pertinent information about your existing customers. Just by looking into your ecommerce CRM, you can tell which products certain segments of your audience are inclined to buy, which methods of reaching out works best for them, etc.


5. Offer product bundles

Customers love getting more bang for their buck and saving money.

Use this to your advantage by bundling your products and giving your customers the incentive to buy more, which helps drive up your sales. 

Implement the right bundling strategy that benefits your customers and your business with these tips. 

  • Get the price right. Gather the latest data on your consumers’ behavior and pricing trends to ensure you price your bundles appropriately.  The amount shouldn’t be too low or higher than the total price when the items are purchased separately.
  • Offer variety. Create different packages based on a single core product to show customers different ways to use the items. 


If you sell smartphones, for instance, offer bundles that include wireless chargers and earbuds, while another package has phone plans and a screen protector.  

Implement the right bundling strategy to spark interest and persuade customers to purchase more of your products.


6. Publish blogs

Creating blog posts are some of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise and share value-packed content to your audience. 

Doing so helps you drive tons of website traffic, improve your SEO strategy, and increase your sales opportunities. 

For instance, if you’re selling cosmetics, create an article on how to find high-quality but affordable makeup. Or publish insider tips such as “What Makeup Ingredients to Avoid to Maintain Healthy Skin.”    

Ensure your content is free of grammatical errors by using tools such as Grammarly.



Copy and paste your write-up, and the tool will analyze it, providing you with specific recommendations and corrections to improve your content’s quality. 

Grammarly will also check your write-up against web sources and academic databases for plagiarism, which helps ensure the originality of your content.  

This allows you to publish well-written marketing content, which establishes your expertise and your brand’s credibility. 

Build your blog around your audiences’ pain points and offer them content they can relate with. 

It’s a great strategy to build trust with your audience. The more your prospects trust you, the better your chances of converting them into paying customers.


What’s next?

Digital marketing isn’t rocket science, but it requires time and commitment to get it right. 

The strategies mentioned here are just some of the many ways to market and promote your products and brand.  

Use these tips to nail your business’ digital marketing efforts and drive your sales through the roof. 

If you learned something new from this post, please share this with your network. Cheers!