60+ October Social Media Ideas – Videos, GIFs and More

Looking for fun, easy October social media ideas? I’ve got dozens of them for you in this post. This article is filled with Social Media Holidays for the whole month of October 2020. Get your content set to go with social media video ideas, GIFs and more!


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This blog post is jam-packed with national and international holidays for the entire month of October. We’ve also included weird and wacky (and unusual) days of celebration for October too. In fact, there are over 60+ different ideas in this blog post, so you’ll never run out of ideas.

Oh, and we’ve also included weekly and monthly October holidays too. I’ve also included tools and ideas for you to come back to at any time.

What’s Included with Your October Social Media Ideas

What to expect in this post packed with October Social Media Ideas:

  • a super-handy reference guide (plus an Infographic) to help you easily grab social media ideas and holidays for the month of October in 2020.
  • an overview of all the October social media ideas. This includes what to create and how to share the content you create from this post. Please note that these posts focus mainly on social video and GIFs. But you can use the ideas for image posts too!
  • Bonus visual tools and resources so you can create visuals for dozens of Social Media Holidays. Yep, that’s #AllTheHolidays! We’ve got your back with our Social Media Holiday Content Calendar.

Check out all the monthly social media ideas posts in this series:

Tips for Creating October Content Quickly

Creating your October content can take a lot of time. But when you schedule content ahead you can really streamline the process. Try doing just a few of these things and you’ll rest soooo much easier knowing your content strategy is cranking!

We’re going to get a whole month’s worth of content ready – all your October social media ideas… created scheduled, and prepped, ready to post. Here are some tips for doing that with your video content:

  1. Use templates: Just about every visual design tool I know uses templates to help you get started. Use them! Yes, you CAN design content from scratch yourself. But if you’re a non-designer, why would you waste hours? Instead, use a design template that was created by a designer and save some time. Simply edit and customize it. And if you choose only 1 or 2 things to edit (such as the text, imagery/photo/background video, colors or fonts) you’ll create something custom that looks great. If you try to change too many elements, you can easily ruin the design.
  2. Batch it, baby! If you’re going to create one video or image or GIF… why not create more than one! Creating in batches is so much more efficient for your time vs doing it one-by-one. If you open up your DIY design tools and start using them, make the most of it.
  3. Create social video ready to post – Creating social video to post to your social networks? Start with short, social videos of just 15-30 seconds in length. It’s more than enough time to catch our attention. Once you feel confident, switch it up to longer videos or YouTube length long-format video.
  4. Know the content your audience loves to consume. What do they love to share and engage with? Is it questions? Quotes? Handy tips? How-to videos? Or maybe some fun, observational humour?
  5. Use GIFs for more personality – Millions of GIFs can be found in Giphy’s huge library of GIFs. Or you can even create your own! GIFs add personality to social media posts, emails, blog posts or messages. They add humour and fun to your storytelling. Be sure to share Giphy GIFs directly from Giphy to give credit and views to the creator.

Quick Guide Infographic to October Social Media Ideas & Holidays in 2020

Use our quick reference guide to all your October Social Media Ideas. Share it or save it to Pinterest for later reference:

Want to see the full 2020 Social Media Holiday Infographic? Click here.

How to use this post of October Social Media Ideas

  1. Create social videos about the holiday or date – Why not do a Top-5 list, or show behind the scenes content? You can also do a how-to video, tutorial or create quote videos. Is it World Smile Day? Do a video that will make us laugh. Use one of the video tools below to help you!
  2. Create fun GIFs around the holiday you’re posting about. You can also share a GIF direct from the Giphy library.
  3. Create images around the holiday – create a quote image, saying, meme, tip or photo image that reflects the celebration day or image with text overlay.

Note: This post is just a suggestion for October events. Obviously we can’t include every single holiday and it focuses mainly on Australian and US-based holidays. By all means use this to build out your own calendar with local events.

This post also focuses mainly on social video, GIFs and animated images. But of course, you can apply all of the tips and holidays in this post to regular static images too. Get creative with it!

Check the tools and tips below for creating October content. Let’s dive in!

October Social Media Ideas and Holidays – Calendar Days

Below we have featured at least one “day” or holiday for every day in our October social media ideas and holidays. Where possible, we’ve also included hashtags, tips, tools, and resources for easily creating visual content for this year and every year!

1. International Coffee Day – But first, on the 1st of the month … coffee. Today is International Coffee Day and it’s all about Coffee. How it’s made, where it comes from and oh my, the drinking of it. Find out more here.

Share a fun coffee quote on Coffee Day – you can find this one on my branded account in Giphy. Share it here:

The cool thing about GIFs is that they can be highly educational too. Check out this cool GIF from FoxandPoet on Giphy, showing what’s what with coffee… going beyond the simple Espresso:

It’s also World Vegetarian Day #WorldVegetarianDay. Find out more here. It’s also the International Day of Older Persons. Find out more here.

2. International Day of Non-Violence #InternationalDayOfNonViolence – a day that marks the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Independence movement and pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non-violence (an official UN day). Find out more here.

And if you’re looking for something to make you smile, it’s also Name Your Car Day. #NameYourCarDay. It’s kind of fitting as today is also World Smile Day. Use the hashtag #WorldSmileDay (first Friday in October)

3. National Techies Day – Techies Unite! Today is a day to talk about all things techie. Use the hashtag #TechiesDay. It’s also a day where educational institutions encourage students to consider a career tech!

4. National Taco Day – Taco Lovers, this is the day we’ve been prepping for! It’s all we can Taco about… Taco Day! Use the hashtag #NationalTacoDay.

Want to share some fun facts about Tacos? Share this video with your audience:

Video made using Wave.video (try it for free!)

Oh, and it’s National Vodka Day too. Skål! Cocktail, anyone?

If you’re an animal lover, there it’s World Animal Day too! Find out more here.

5. World Teachers Day – a day to celebrate all that our teachers do for us whether teaching young kids or University students or someone taking an online course. Teaching and Education matters. #WorldTeachersDay. This is an official UN celebration day.

Today is also World Habitat Day – The UN is rolling out plenty of “days” in October – use #WorldHabitatDay. Find out more here.

And for the Bond Lovers… it’s Global James Bond Day. It’s a celebration of over 5 decades of the Bond franchise. #JamesBondDay. Bond shares his day’s with World Architecture Day. Use #ArchitectureDay (first Monday of every October)

Another day to note for the 5th is Blue Shirt Day (World Day of Bullying Prevention) – 1st Monday in October.

6. Mad Hatter Day – Today is the day to roll out you best Alice in Wonderland Quotes and celebrate this weirdly wonderful story and the Mad Hatter. #MadHatterDay.

It’s also National Noodle Day. #NationalNoodleDay World Cerebral Palsy Day #CerebralPalsyDay.

7. If you’re partial to green smoothies, it’s also National Kale Day – the first Wednesday in October – #NationalKaleDay. It’s also National Frappe Day.… not sure if Kale goes with Frappes. I think not.

8. National Pierogi Day – If you’ve never chowed down on Pierogis then today is the day to start.

It’s also National Salmon Day and World Octopus Day. Find out a few fun facts here.

It’s also World Sight Day. Use #WorldSightDay to bring awareness to the fact that most blindness and vision impairment is preventable. Find out more here. World Sight Day is held on the second Thursday in October every year.

9. International Beer and Pizza Day – The fabulous food days keep on coming and this time we get to have a drink with it. Time for beer and pizza! #BeerAndPizzaDay

It’s also World Post Day – yet another UN-celebrated day to mark the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874 in the Swiss Capital, Bern. It’s Emergency Nurses Day too (held on the 2nd Wednesday in October every year).

10. World Mental Health Day – Use the hashtag #WorldMentalHealthDay and find out more here. It’s a global day for mental health education, awareness and advocacy. In Australia it is also R U Ok Day

Rock it out today! It’s Hug a Drummer Day As a drummer myself, I had to include this day. It’s all about the celebration of drummers in bands. Not often the most noticed but without them… you’d have no backbeat!

11. Today is the International Day of the Girl. This day is all about reminding us that for girls in developing worlds, gender equality isn’t just about glass ceilings, it’s about basic human rights.

It’s also the National Coming Out Day. A day where people can celebrate those coming out as lesbian, gay, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) or as an ally. Find out more and get resources here.

12. National Gumbo Day – What is Gumbo, you may ask? It’s a stew-like creole dish from Louisiana, seasoned heavily and typically includes strong stock (made from meat or shellfish) and cooked over a couple of hours with seafood or meat and vegetables. #GumboDay

It’s also World Arthritis Day – a global awareness-raising day for arthritis (find out more here). And it’s Universal Music Day.

13. National Train Your Brain Day – Use the hashtag #TrainYourBrainDay and get out there and do something brain-stimulating! It could be to learn a new skill (how about juggling?) to learning a language. Or maybe just brushing up on your memory skills. On social media, why not share a puzzle or brainteaser!

14. National Dessert Day – No words are needed, really. Today is about finding your favourite dessert and indulging in it. Or maybe snapping a photo for social media. If you manage it …before you devour the thing!

Ask your audience what their favourite dessert is. Mine is pavlova!

15. Global Handwashing Day – In 2020 this is more important than ever. There’s no doubting the impact of handwashing on preventing diseases and saving lives. Find out more here. #GlobalHandwashingDay.

16. World Food Day – World Food Day is a day for awareness of hunger around the world and promoting better nutrition. Find out more here and use the hashtag #WorldFoodDay on your posts.

It’s also World Spine Day and Steve Jobs Day if you feel like talking about your Apple obsession.

17. International Day of Eradication of Poverty – Another UN-day that is all about “coming together with those furthest behind to build an inclusive world of universal respect for human rights and dignity”. Find out more here.

18. National Chocolate Cupcake Day – What’s better than Chocolate? Cake? No. But Chocolate + Cake.. that’s another matter! Today is the day to indulge in your favourite Chocolate Cupcake!

It’s also National No Beard Day if you are partial to a smooth face. It’s time to shave!

19. Evaluate Your Life Day – Didn’t know this was a day? Apparently it is! Today is about taking a look at your life and where you’re at. Accept it and love it and be grateful or change it up (and still be grateful).

It’s also New Friends Day – maybe as you evaluate your life, it might be a good time to connect with some new friends! Or even catch up with old ones!

And if you need a clean-up, check out National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day. Guilty as charged. This is a good reminder to delete some desktop files (3rd Monday in October).

20. International Sloth Day – One of my favourite animals ever (maybe it’s the cheeky, friendly smile!).It’s a good time to share some surprising facts about the Sloth. #SlothDay

Why not grab a GIF to share from Nat Geo or San Diego Zoo on Giphy. Or just use a baby sloth GIF to engage with your followers about something food-related:

Baby Sloth. No reason necessary.

It’s also Information Overload Day – a good day to post about working smarter not harder, being productive and getting more out of your time… to avoid the dreaded overwhelm.

Share a productivity and burnout avoidance tip – or createBatu your own video using one of the tools below!

21. Reptile Awareness Day – all things lizards and snakes and scaly reptiles. Today is a good day to share content around our cold-blooded friends, their preservation and protection. #ReptileAwarenessDay.

22. International Caps Lock Day – Use Caps Lock with caution as nobody WANTS TO THINK YOU’RE SHOUTING AT THEM. But if you were to go all in on Caps Lock… TODAY MIGHT BE A GOOD DAY TO DO IT! #CapsLockDay (note this is the original date and you may see it also celebrated on June 28th).

It’s also National Nut Day. Go nuts with nuts today. #NationalNutDay.

23. iPod Day – observed annually on the 23rd October, this day is all about the humble iPod, introduced to our world on October 23, 2001. Here’s the announcement from Steve Jobs that you might like to share with your audience:

The iPod is introduced to the world. 1000 songs in your pocket.

There are two things to think about here. Firstly, why did Steve use that font for his presentation (sorry couldn’t resist)? And secondly, this was marketing genius. Telling us that we could have a device that holds 1000 songs in our pocket. That’s all he needed to say.

24. United Nations Day – The world celebrates this day to honor the interstate organization promoting human rights, social progress and world peace … and basically keeping the world accountable. We also have the UN to thank for a huge percentage of our “days” on these calendars. Find out more about the UN and UN Day here. #UnitedNationsDay

It’s also Take Back Your Time Day. It’s about taking back your time to spend with family or just take a break – and why vacations are important, even if just stay-cations at home! #TakeBackYourTime.

25. World Pasta Day – From lasagne to spaghetti, today is all about Pasta. #WorldPastaDay. Share your favorite pasta recipe or maybe share this insanely engaging rainbow pasta video:

Need something else with your pasta? It’s also Greasy Foods Day. #GreasyFoodsDay.

26. National Pumpkin Day – All things Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spice. Today is all about the pumpkin. #NationalPumpkinDay

Fun Fact – in the US and Canada, pumpkin is often eaten as a sweet dish – pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin spice in a latte. In Australia, we eat it as a vegetable in savoury dishes, like soup, and roast pumpkin. It’s all a matter of taste (and location!).

It’s also National Mincemeat Day. There are so many meals with Mincemeat!

27. World Day for Audiovisual Heritage – This day was chosen by Unesco in 2005 to raise awareness of the contributions made to society by films, radio and television. Share your fave show!

28. International Animation Day – It’s fitting that we should be writing a post about short video and animations when today is all about Animation. From Disney animation to GIFs, today is a good day to post about animation (or post an animated image).

29. National Internet Day – Life was very different before the internet. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Today is a good day to start a discussion about “the net”.

It’s also National Cat Day. We’re sure you should have no problem finding some cat content to share!

30. Checklist Day – Got a few things on your ToDo List? Check them off on Checklist Day.

31. Halloween – this day needs no introduction. It’s all things spooky and ghouly on #Halloween.

Run a Costume Generator Quiz for Halloween like this one:

Video created with Crello’s Animation Maker. Check it out here.

it’s also World Magic Day (to commemorate the day that Houdini Died in 1926. Find out more here.

October Social Media Ideas and Holidays – Calendar Weeks and Months

Use this list of October month-long holidays to help you create content:

  • National Walk Your Dog Week (7 days starting 1st October)
  • Universal Children’s Week (7 days starting 1st October)
  • Fire Prevention Month
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Financial Planning Month
  • National Pizza Month
  • LGTB History Month
  • National Chilli Month
  • National Chiropractic Health Month
  • National Pasta Month

Video Resources for Easy Video:

1. Quick Video Ideas

Ultimate List of 99 Video Ideas to Inspire You – this is a packed post, full of ideas for topics and themes to help you create video:

And check out these tools to help you:

2. Video caption tools and services:

Check out the tools and services Splasheo, Quicc and Rev to burn captions on to your video and/or get video transcription. I’ve outlined them in detail in this post.

Click the image to find out more about caption tools.

3. Video Creation Tools

Try some of these tools for creating video quickly and easily:

  1. Wave.videoOne of my favourite video tools for creating easy social video.
  2. Canva – create quick animations using Canva’s MP3 animation tool.
  3. Over – Over is a for-mobile visual design tool that has great mobile images and visual design tools to create quick videos.
  4. Easil Easil is great for creating animated GIFs. You can control how you animate any element of the image – not just text but images, icons and illustrations as well.
  5. InShot – a popular app for creating videos using fun filters, editing effects, multiple sizes and stickers. Available on iOS, plus Android.
  6. Crello – Crello has some cool animated graphic templates. Find out more about them in this post.
  7. Giphy – You’ll never run short of GIF inspiration with Giphy. Use it in two ways. Either create your own GIFs using video snippets or images or share GIFs direct from Giphy.

Want more Social Media Content Calendar ideas?

Check out our complete 12-month calendar for 2020 in this post:

Over to You

What tools and strategies do you use for creating social media posts? Get started with this calendar!

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