9 Cool Black Friday Software Deals for Marketers

If you’re searching for Black Friday Software Deals for Marketers in 2020 – you’re in the right place. And Cyber Monday too of course!

Each year, we are flooded with offers announced over a week or so around Thanksgiving, so I’ve rounded up some of my favourites to share with you for the second year running. Get ready to save with these Black Friday deals.

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I must admit, I haven’t always been a huge fan of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. It’s a very “US of A” thing, and up until the last couple of years most Australians viewed it as a foreign concept. But that’s starting to change and in 2020 it’s more obvious than ever as we are in a situation where online shopping has become the norm, not the exception. We are now ninjas at all the online things!

We do have crazy, frenzied sales in Australia. Hello Boxing Day Sales, I’m looking at you.

My introduction to Black Friday has been as a marketer over the past few years. I needed to buy/use software to streamline and automate various parts of my business – and much of it was expensive. As an Australian, buying US-based software can become expensive, especially with our exchange rate. So, I learned to watch out for deals and specials online. Enter Black Friday.

Now, you may ask, what is Black Friday vs Cyber Monday? It’s probably not that important. One seems to run into the other these days. But, if you’re looking for a definition, then here is one for you:

Black Friday is generally focused on newer, big-ticket items and there’s an in-store shopping focus as well. There’s loads of online shopping to be had as well.

Cyber Monday was started as a way to promote tech deals and smaller items. Usually, it relates to online sales, but the offers merge into offline too. I think it was introduced to extend the Black Friday fun past the weekend {wink}.

Basically the two types of sales put together lets everyone shop and grab deals over a longer period. Think of it as the start of Christmas shopping. And hey, this year being what it is… why not. Bring on Christmas.

Enough said about all that. Let’s jump in and share some Black Friday (and Cyber Monday deals for you). I have 9 for you, but I’ll add any that I forget as sometimes deals are launched very late or for one day only. So it could end up being a dynamic changing post.

One caveat: These are tools and companies and partners that I love. I love the tool or software, have used it or recommend it to my audience. I’m not dragging in any old deals I can get my hands on. These are my go-to software and tool companies that have offered deals for the holiday season. I could have added 27 Black Friday Deals but these are my favourites!

Black Friday Software Deals to Love!

Ready? Let’s do this:

1. Wave.video – Video Software

Wave is offering a sweet discount for all of their plans!

My favourite social video tool, Wave has recently announced a pretty sweet deal for Black Friday. See below!

But a quick recap for those of you that haven’t heard me harping on about Wave. The software already includes an easy-to-use editor, with a huge library of stock footage (photos and video) in the millions, slick audio files and great templates and editing features that any novice can use.

But recently they have added a whole host of new features like captioning on videos, video hosting, video landing pages and funnels with links and calls to action. Even if you don’t grab the Black Friday Deal it’s worth taking Wave for a spin on the free plan as you can do a lot to get started. But for the price they are offering, why not just grab Wave in all of her glory.

So what is the deal? Here it is…

Wave’s Black Friday Software Deal:

Use this link to buy Wave + use the code WXX_BF2020 at checkout for 60% off all plans. Yes, ALL plans.

When? It runs from November 26 to November 30, 2020. So be sure to grab it!

2. Social Media Manager School by Agorapulse

The Social Media Manager School – Free Access has a library of continually growing FREE social media and marketing lessons to polish and expand your social media skills and business.

Social Media Manager School’s Black Friday Offer:

Right now, you can get lifetime access to more than 70+ hours of training from popular social media experts, such as Kim Garst, Jay Baer, Stephanie Liu, Ian Cleary, Dustin Stout, Mike Allton, Steve Dotto, Mark Schaefer, Andrea Vahl, Jeff Sieh, Donna Moritz (that’s me) and many more!

3. Fabulous Lifetime Deal on DepositPhotos Stock Photos

Grab these stock photos at an insane price.

Even if you don’t think you will use them straight away, snapping up DepositPhotos deal is a smart move. They roll this out every year or so, and I know a lot of friends (myself included) who snap up a pack of stock images every time. Then they are sorted for the rest of the year!

DepositPhotos Black Friday Software Deal with AppSumo:

You’ll get access to a library of 100+ million Freelance and Agency Plans, and High quality content from photography professionals around the world.

4. Monster Insights

Monster Insights is one of the best, most easy-to-use plugins for Google Analytics on a wordpress site. I use it all the time to make sense of my traffic and so much more!

Monster Insights’ Black Friday Deal:

The team at Monster Insights are offering 70% off with the sale running from 23rd to 27th of November. It’s a tiered approach to discounts so the higher the tier the more the savings (based on lisence type. They are also donating a portion of the sale to charity.

5. HeySummit (Summit Software)

Thinking of running a Summit? I’ve been a speaker at a lot of summits over the past few years and one of my favorite platforms is HeySummit. It is just a great experience as a presenter and user (I have watched a lot of sessions too).

HeySummit is well-priced to begin with. But when you add in their Black Friday offer, it’s awesome!

HeySummit Black Friday Deals

HeySummit is offering some fantastic Get Ready for 2021 Pricing . As a partner, I can share with you this fabulous discount on all annual plans:

– Basic Plans: $174 (normally $349)
– Professional Plans: $574 (normally $1,149)
– Business Plans: $1,1749.50 (normally $3,499)

That’s right, it’s basically HALF OFF their regular plans. Until December 12th!

6. Splasheo – Videos

Although not strictly a Black Friday deal because it’s only for my audience (and also not strictly software) I am adding this special deal here too because it’s an awesome one.

Splasheo is a service for turning your videos into captioned, letterbox videos, (complete with fixed heading and captions). It’s real people doing the editing (hence why it’s not strictly software) and it’s all kinds of awesome.

Splasheo’s Offer for Socially Sorted:

Get your first 4 videos free (on me) when you use this link. Yes, that’s right 4 videos, done for you (by real humans) at no obligation. It works like this:

  • You take advantage of the 7 Day FREE trial on the Growth Plan and get access to all of the templates for captioning and framing your videos. There’s no restriction. You can create up to 4 videos of up to 5 minutes long each ($99+ value).
  • After 7 days, if you wish to continue, you’ll pay only $99/month to keep using the service. Just keep creating videos as long as you keep getting great results with them!
  • There’s NO risk to start or stay on the plan whatsoever. Try it and see if you like it. You’re free to cancel at any time. I know the CEO of Splasheo, Gideon. He’s pretty nice like that.

7. SmarterQueue

A late addition but a good one. SmarterQueue has a Black Friday offer for all new trial signups. Smarterqueue is a great tool for queueing your content and never running out of things to post!

SmarterQueue’s Black Friday Software Deals:

SmarterQueue is offering the following 2019 Black Friday Deals for new trial signups:

  • 40% off annual plans for LIFE.
  • 30% off monthly plans for 6 months.
  • also 10% off for existing monthly customers who upgrade to annual.

8. Quicc

If you need to do captioning on your videos, then Quicc is a great tool for that. And they have a cool new search feature that allows you to search your entire library of videos to find content via keywords. Whhaaaaaat?

Quicc’s Black Friday Software Deals:

For their Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion, users can currently get the new Pro plan for $99/month. 

9. Tailwind

Tailwind is offering one of their best offers ever to boost your Pinterest and Instagram Marketing!

As you might remember from this post Tailwind is my absolute favorite tool for Pinterest/Instagram. If you haven’t tried Tailwind yet, now is the time! As a Tailwind partner, I get the exclusive scoop that there’s a huge sale around the corner for Black Friday — Cyber Monday. 

All you need to do to get the deal is make sure you start your free trial using my affiliate link before November 27th. You’ll get 50% off an annual Plus Plan, and by using my link, I’ll make some extra $$ at no cost to you! Grab the link below.

Tailwind’s Black Friday Software Deals:

For their Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotion, users can get 50% off an upgrade to an annual Plus Plan between November 27th to 30th.

What do you need to do? Just sign up for a free trial of Tailwind using my affiliate link below. You need to start your trial before November 27th to be eligible.

10. Shhhh something is coming by the 27th November!

I’m holding a BONUS place for an extra deal that I can’t mention till the 27th, so swing back to see what it is.

Phew! That’s a lot of Black Friday Savings!

Tell me, are you a fan of Black Friday (buying all the things) or do you avoid it and refuse to buy anything at all, staying away from the crowds, online and off?

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Black Friday Software Deals for Marketers