‘99% of All This Was Peaceful’: Rudy Giuliani and OAN Host Shrug Off Unprecedented Assault on Capitol, Blame ‘Handful’ of Rioters

Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, agreed with One America News Network host Dan Ball that the unprecedented assault and looting of the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump supporters incensed that the president lost the election was not that big of a deal.

During a conversation on Wednesday evening, as dozens, and possibly hundreds of MAGA fans still occupied the nation’s Capitol building, the pair brushed off the shocking images of looting, rioting, and violence being broadcast on cable TV and posted on social media. Instead, Giuliani and Ball sought to emphasize the peaceful nature of pro-Trump protest outside in The Mall, at which Trump fueled the crowd’s rage by railing against “explosions of bullshit” and urged his fans to march on the Capitol to show their anger at Congress certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory

After introduction Giuliani and asking if he was safe, Ball then asked for Giuliani’s take on the day’s events “before the violence started, as far as a handful of folks breaking in.”

Contrary to Ball’s false gloss on the siege, dozens of pro-Trump supporters set upon police at numerous Capitol entrances.

Dozens of pro-Trump supporters storm an entrance to the US Capitol

Photo credit: Brendan Smialowski, AFP via Getty Images.

“I didn’t really see anything,” Giuliani replied to Ball, before offering a take on the march nonetheless. “It seemed pretty orderly and pretty quiet. And I knew they were beginning to march toward the, the Capitol. I saw the beginning of the march and it seemed. you know, pretty non conspicuous.”

“I think that’s what all the images as we go back and look over this and comb through videos and posts, tweets and whatnot. you’re going to see that 99% of this was all peaceful,” Ball asserted. “A handful of folks, and again we got into the bottom of who they are, who they representing, decided to try and kick the doors down and got in and do a little bit of damage.”

In fact, the Capitol mob attack did far more than “a little bit of damage.” Multiple shots were fired during the occupation, one woman was shot and killed during the chaos, and House security personnel had to barricade the doors of the House chamber and draw their weapons in a tense standoff to  prevent armed assailants from possibly harming any members of Congress or their staff.

House security personnel point weapons at door to prevent pro-Trump rioters from breaching House chamber

Photo credit: Drew Angerer, Getty Images

“The president put out a statement saying that he wants it to be peaceful. I think the reaction was. proportionate to the situation,” Giuliani said. “I mean, this is it is wrong. this shouldn’t happen. nobody should be destroying property ever, and when they do they should get arrested.”

But he then went on to dismissively compare the assault on the nation’s capitol to interrupt the victory certification of Trump’s political rival to unrest from Black Lives Matter protests over the past summer.

“I mean, this is, I can’t say it’s nothing, but in comparison to that, this is, you know, we’d think New York this would be considered a preliminary to maybe something that’s gonna happen.

Ball then cited the unrest in Kenosha, St. Louis, Portland, Seattle over the last six months and agreed that “this is nowhere close to that.”

Watch the video above, via OAN.

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