Airing of Grievances: Trump Goes on Boxing Day Twitter Frenzy About Covid Checks, ‘Rigged & Stolen’ Election and More

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

According to Seinfeld lore, the “airing of grievances” is a tradition held on December 23rd, also known as Festivus, in which participants share how disappointed they are over the past year. President Donald Trump opened December 26th, also known as Boxing Day, with a litany of his won grievances surrounding his baseless claims of a stolen election, the size of Covid relief checks, and the release of the Durham report into the origins of the Russian election interference investigation.

The topics covered on Trump’s Saturday morning Twitter feed are as clear an indication of where the Commander in Chief’s mind is at, as the US government is close to shutting down and millions of American citizens are currently struggling due to a U.S. economy cratered by the potentially deadly Covid-19 contagion.

On December 23rd, President Trump sowed serious legislative chaos when he posted a video that suggested a veto of a Covid relief bill passed by Congress that included only $600 payment. The bill was wrapped with an omnibus spending bill that included millions in foreign aid that Trump derided as well, unaware that that budge request emanated from his own administration.  Trump made reference to this “pork” spending in his reminder of wanting to deliver $2000 per citizen, an issue which finds great support among Democratic congressional leadership. and was shot down late last week by the House GOP.

Trump also raised his old chestnut of the Russian Election Interference investigation, the origins of which have been considered by some loyal Trump supporters to be a grand conspiracy that included “spying” on the Trump campaign in late 2016. US Attorney John Durham has been investigating the investigations and thus far has only concluded that the CIA played no malfeasance in their part.

And of course, there is the so-called “Rigged election”‘ of 2020 that President Trump lost to President-elect Joe Biden. There has been zero evidence filed in a court of law that shows the sort of widespread or systemic voter irregularities that indicate that Biden was not in fact the winner. This is why no judge had found in favor of the Trump campaign’s legal team but is also a fact pattern lost on President Trump. evidence on his continued baseless harangue.

The targets of Trump’s most recent animus as he parades his delusion for the public to see include what he scare-quoted as his own administration’s “Justice” department and the FBI for doing nothing about the 2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud which he called “the biggest SCAM in our nation’s history” He also teased January 6th date of congressional certification of the Electoral College results.

Trump also doubled down on his veto of the Congressional defense spending bill and even found time to retweet a self-proclaimed “journalist” best known for espousing false conspiracy theories popular with the QAnon set.


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