Arizona Governor Subtweets Trump by Boasting About His State’s Election Integrity: ‘If You Want to Contest the Results… Bring Your Challenges’

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey

Photo credit: Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey posted a long Twitter thread on Monday night boasting of his state’s election integrity — offering a not-so-veiled pushback at the attacks on him and his state’s voting process from President Donald Trump.

Earlier on Monday, Trump had raged against Ducey and threatened him on Twitter for following his state law and certifying the election results, which confirmed President-elect Joe Biden beat Trump by more than 10,000 votes. Ducey had already been called out by local pro-Trump protestors on Monday afternoon, who slammed him as a “traitor” to the president just moments after Ducey signed off on Arizona’s election results.

Ducey responded in turn with a number of tweets explaining his state’s election process and the safeguards put in place to prevent any kind of widespread fraud, which is exactly what the Trump campaign has alleged without any actual evidence.

In his first post, Ducey noted how he has “bragged” about the state’s election system, and added in a subtle dig that he’s even talked about it “in the Oval Office.”

He went on to break down the state’s election process.

Ducey then pivoted to reviewing Arizona’s process for certifying its vote, explaining the timing of the vote and that failure to approve the state’s vote total can only occur if its counties refused to do so first. They didn’t, he emphasized, so he followed the law.

Finally, Ducey offered a clear, put-up-or-shut-up ultimatum to Trump and his campaign, noting that there is now a five-day window to bring a “credible challenge” in court. “If you want to contest the results, now is the time,” he said. “That’s the law. I’ve sworn an oath to uphold it, and I take my responsibility seriously.”

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