Bringg announces a new delivery partnership with Uber

Earlier this week, Chicago-based Bringg, a provider of a delivery orchestration platform and related services heralded a new global partnership with ubiquitous, ride-sharing service Uber focused on augmenting customers’ retail and B2B delivery experiences.

Bringg officials said that this partnership will offer up seamless access, for its customers, via Uber Direct—Uber’s service focused on helping businesses meet increased customer demand for delivery and provide businesses with Uber’s network of drivers-partners to move goods within their supply chain, between locations and into the hands of their customers—for same-day and next-day delivery.

And Bringg added that demand for retail delivery is seeing major growth, due, in large part, to the COVID-19 pandemic driving a major surge in e-commerce activity, which, in turn, had led to businesses needing to further focus on meeting the growing surplus of their customers delivery fulfillment needs and also to scale delivery capabilities, while turning to crowdsourcing providers as an option.

“Partnering with Uber on a global scale allows us to offer our customers greater delivery capacity with a reputable partner that offers white label, same-day and next-day delivery options,” Bringg CEO Guy Bloch told LM. “Bringg customers using Uber Direct will continue to receive key delivery elements like branding, measurement, visibility, or quality.” 

This is not the first time Bringg and Uber have worked together, with Bloch citing Bringg’s ongoing collaboration with UberEats in Latin America, adding that signing with Uber Direct is the natural expansion of this relationship that will enable Bringg to serve mutual customers that would like to use Uber delivery services outside of the UberEats Marketplace.

As for what how this partnership is able to help customers, Bloch said that Bringg provides customers with the option to test, deploy, manage, and scale Uber in an easy way with a fast time to market.

“With delivery capacity challenged, Bringg enables customers that use Uber alongside other fleets to optimize their delivery network according to their business needs,” he said. “Also, with customer experience being at the forefront of business goals, we ensure our customers continue to own the experience with real time visibility and control over branding and quality. Through integration, customers have seamless access to the Uber Direct platform through Bringg enabling them to own the customer experience end-to-end.”

Bringg added that this partnership helps to scale deliveries by expanding its customer delivery networks and also provide them with the ability to measure and manage every fleet of drivers through a single platform.

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