Custom Gaming Servers Aren’t Just for Twitch Streamers. Here’s Why.

Twitch is a popular online platform for influencers to stream live game play by sharing their screen with followers and subscribers who watch along and interact with other games in the chat. 

The platform is particularly popular with gamers, especially younger gamers. In fact, stats show Twitch has over 28 million unique users per month in the U.S., and 80% of those users are teen males.

While Twitch is a fun platform for people to engage in gameplay commentary, chat on the sidebar, and show or watch the progression of a live game, the platform is limited. Namely, you can only stream games. 

But what if you want to start and host your own game play? It’s time to get your own gaming server. Keep reading to find out the benefits of having your own gaming server. 

5 things you can do on your own gaming server

Twitch is a great way for other people to watch you play video games live. But what if you want to host a live game for your friends to all play together? You need to set up your own gaming server on a VPS or dedicated web hosting plan.

A VPS or dedicated web hosting plan gives you total control of your gaming and streaming experience. Here are some of the top things you can do when you build your own gaming server that you can’t do on Twitch.

1. Set up a completely private game and stream

The primary purposes of Twitch are to build a following, actively engage with other gamers, and participate in a large community. And the primary purpose of your own gaming server? Complete privacy and control. 

It’s fun to engage with other gamers on a large platform, but what if you want a more intimate, private experience with your closest gamer friends?

Yes, you can follow multiple steps to set up a private live stream in Twitch, but it’s much easier to accomplish this when you host your own gaming experience on your VPS Snappy 8000 hosting plan or your dedicated server. 

2. Play live with friends 

Twitch allows up to four users to go live and stream together on one window, but what if you have five or more players?

That’s another benefit of building your own game server. It gives you total control of your gaming experience, and this includes how many people can go live at a time. 

Now that you’ve watched your favorite streamers play, you know the hacks. Now it’s time to take what you learned and play live with your friends. On your own server where you make the rules. 

3. No minimum broadcast limit

Twitch limits broadcasts to 48 hours. While it’s probably smart to stop playing and get some sleep, you don’t have to if you don’t want to if you host your own gaming experience.

When you build your own gaming server, you get to set the game and streaming parameters, and this includes the time limits. So, crack open your energy drinks and get ready to play (this message is NOT mom approved).

Wanna play with your own rules and guidelines? With your own gaming server, it’s like owning your own piece of the internet. You set the rules. And if your friends don’t wanna follow the rules? Kick ‘em out. 

Whether you want your gaming and voice chat experiences to be more mature, or more restricted and family-friendly, a gaming server is the way to go. You can determine what does and doesn’t get streamed, creating a customized and more appropriate environment for you, your friends, and your family.

5. Control the maturity levels you play and stream

Twitch limits the kind of games you can play, blocking out certain games. If you own your own gaming server, you can play and stream games of all maturity levels.

Along the same lines, you can set up your gaming server to further limit the maturity levels, making your experience more family-friendly.

Either way, you’re the boss.

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