Discover: BLK – Got It

While we tend to feature more pop tracks, we couldn’t help but be drawn to BLK’s stunnin’ music video for their melodic R&B single, “Got It”!

Perfectly blending hip-hop beats with pop-infused R&B melodies, “Got It” is definitely one of those tracks you put on when you’re really feelin’ yourself and appreciating the individual you’ve become. Self-worth is something that takes years of practice to achieve and even recognize for yourself, let alone be proud of. We suggest putting this on when you need a mood booster after having a long and terrible day!

Not to mention, Bexk, Lilac X and Korahjay really showcase their confidence in the music video. One thing’s for sure: the girls really know how to flaunt it!

Watch BLK’s empowering music video below. Do you “Got It”?