Dyson’s decision to cut 900 jobs globally to impact Australian workers

Dyson’s decision to axe 900 jobs globally will have a “very small” impact on its Australian team, a company spokesperson told Inside Retail.

The British vacuum cleaner and tech company announced last week that it is going to cut about 600 jobs in the UK and 300 positions from their other stores worldwide as the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak speeds up the company’s restructuring plans.

“The impact in Australia is very small but we are fully supporting those who are impacted, finding alternative roles where possible,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added the company is planning to evolve to make it faster, more agile and better able to grow sustainably.

“These proposals would regrettably result in redundancies,” the spokesperson said.

“The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated changes in consumer behaviour and therefore requires changes in how we engage with our customers and how we sell our products.”

The company said it is currently focused on continuing to invest in bold new technologies and important long-term projects like the Dyson Institute Engineering and Technology.

The retailer also said it wants to focus on its online operations.

“Demand for our products has remained strong through the Covid-19 crisis, however the way people are buying them has fundamentally changed,” the Dyson spokesperson said.

“More and more people are buying online and direct from Dyson which has had a fundamental impact on how we sell our products, how we engage with our owners, and how we structure our operations.”