Esprit D’Air spins intense cyberpunk love story in Leviathan music video

Esprit D'Air Leviathan

Esprit D’Air has revealed the new music video for their new single “Leviathan”. Bathed in futuristic cyberpunk visuals, “Leviathan” portrays the struggle of two doomed lovers expressed through sharply-choreographed interpretive dance.

Esprit D’Air – Leviathan (MV)

Directed by Andy M (Before Dawn Productions) and crowdfunded by fans, “Leviathan” is a song about change, melancholy, and hope in a world devastated by a global pandemic. Vocalist and producer Kai says: “We interpreted ‘Leviathan’ as a huge power or impact beyond human power or knowledge. When we wrote this, we were thinking about how significantly our world has changed with the pandemic and how we can think positively and have hopes in tough times. Through our composition and songwriting, we tried to express lights of despair, human weakness and stupidity, and human wisdom to build a new world.”

“Leviathan” is available on streaming platforms worldwide and features remixes by world-famous duo HEAVYGRINDER and electronic producer Shirobon.