Feed Me revives drum ‘n’ bass alias with new Spor EP, ‘Anachronic’

Feed Me revives drum ‘n’ bass alias with new Spor EP, ‘Anachronic’Spor Feed Me Spor Facebook Official

After a four-year interval, Jon Gooch has finally donned his highly-coveted drum ‘n’ bass alias once again. Under his long-awaited return as Spor, the electro house producer known as Feed Me has delivered a new EP titled Anachronic. Succeeding Spor’s 2016 Black Eyed, the explosive six-track project welcomes a sweeping range of drum ‘n’ bass underlined by a meticulous foundation of sound design. It also simultaneously offers a circuit of pure adrenaline.

Sporting careful precision, the tracks are a sonic reflection of their namesake, with a domineering emphasis on audio immersion. While the eponymous “Anachronic” delivers an inexorable flurry of drums in a blatant mirror of the title’s discrepant meaning, “Your Mind Is Like This Water” intertwines the peaceful offerings of flutes with a barrage of tribal-learned patterns. Meanwhile, closing track, “Count My Blessings,” marks the sole vocal-centric production on the EP, taking on punk aesthetics through trademark characteristics of uplifting drum ‘n’ bass.

Featured image: Spor/Facebook

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