First Listen: St. Lundi Ft. Kygo – To Die For (Acoustic Rework)

Kygo’s Golden Hour highlight “To Die For” with St. Lundi has an interesting story to it. Dermot Kennedy originally wrote a different song on top of Kygo’s production but pulled it for use on another project. Kygo then sent over the production to St. Lundi who turned around and wrote “To Die For” in the span of a weekend, making the Golden Hour track listing at the last minute.

St. Lundi has stripped back the Kygo production and delivered a gorgeous rendition that is just too good to pass up. Showcasing the songs vulnerability, with the right exposure this song should have all the attention of a Lewis Capaldi radio hit.  Give the acoustic rework of “To Die For” a listen below and keep an ear out for St. Lundi!

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