Fmr. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: Trump Has “Open Disdain for Democratic Values”

Madeleine Albright has slammed Donald Trump for his handling of Coronavirus and called on Americans to support former Vice President Joe Biden.

The former Secretary of State accused the President of “folly” in an email circulated by the Biden presidential campaign. She explained that Trump was endangering U.S. democracy.

“At home, Trump has put our governing institutions at risk by undermining Congress, the courts, and his own federal agencies,” Albright writes.

“He has disregarded science and twisted facts to suit his political agenda, while demonstrating an open disdain for democratic values.”

“With the spread of COVID-19, the folly of this approach is even more apparent.”

“Trump fumbled his response to the pandemic so severely that the United States now leads the world in COVID-19 cases, and he has shown no leadership in trying to get the virus under control.”

Albright went on to offer a strong endorsement of Biden.

“Throughout his career, Joe Biden has fiercely defended America’s interests, but he has always understood that our interests cannot be protected if we sacrifice our values,” she writes.

“I know Joe Biden will be ready on Day One to lead as our commander in chief. That’s why Barack Obama chose him as his Vice President. Joe has the energy, the experience, and the moral courage that our nation deserves and the future demands.”

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