Fox News Dominates in Total Viewers on Friday, CNN Scores Big Demo Wins

Strong viewer turnout for Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity boosted Fox News to a ratings win on Friday, with the most total viewers in prime time, while CNN won prime time in the key demographic of viewers age 25-54.

Fox News averaged 2.58 million total viewers during prime time, with 325,000 in the demo. MSNBC had the second-most total prime time viewers, 2.13 million, and the fewest in the demo, 286,000. CNN had the fewest viewers during prime time, but won big in the demo, with 367,000 younger viewers.

Tucker Carlson Tonight had the most viewers in all of cable news Friday, with 3.21 million, and 398,000 in the demo. Hannity had the second-most total viewers, 2.54 million, and 336,000 in the demo. Rachel Maddow had 2.5 million total viewers, and 335,000 in the demo. The biggest win in the demo Friday went to Chris Cuomo, with Cuomo Prime Time drawing just 1.95 million total viewers, but 415,000 in the demo.

MSNBC continued to win in total viewers in the early morning, with Morning Joe getting 1.38 million viewers, and 195,000 in the demo. This marks the sixth week in a row that Morning Joe has won in total viewers. Fox and Friends had the second-most total early morning viewers, 1.21 million, but won in the demo, with 203,000. CNN’s New Day had the fewest total and demo viewers Friday, with 689,000 and 139,000, respectively.

In overall daytime viewers, Fox beat out MSNBC, averaging 1.57 million viewers (231,000 in the demo) on Fox to 1.55 million total (210,000 in the demo) on MSNBC. CNN had the fewest average viewers overall, 1.31 million, but had significantly more demo viewers than the competition, with 297,000.

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