Fox News Host Struggles to Figure Out Who is Behind Storming of Capitol Hill

President Donald Trump called on supporters to protest the certification of Joe Biden’s victory on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

Shortly after his speech, those very supporters violently clashed with police outside the Capitol building and breached its walls, prompting an evacuation of lawmakers. One woman was shot dead in the chaos.

The protestors, clad in MAGA hats, took control of the steps of the Capitol and hung a giant Trump flag from the Capitol balcony. Once inside the building, they could be seen vandalizing and looting.

Fox News host Mark Levin, a Trump loyalist, called on the protestors to stand down in a tweet Wednesday afternoon, but also claimed, somehow, that “[we] don’t know who these people are.”

Here is a photo from the riot:

Roberto Schmidt/Getty Images

Fox News prime time host Laura Ingraham also questioned who was behind the mob, though she appeared to concede it was likely a MAGA group.

She said on air Wednesday:

We’ll learn more about to the extent that that happened, but I’m getting the sense that there’s clearly a big split in the MAGA groups that have come to peacefully protest with whoever is behind this intrusion of the Capitol, which by any account is unacceptable, and has to be dealt with swiftly, and I tweeted as much about how the president needed to clear this Capitol, and work with the authorities that he supports, and he made, he did make that clear, he said you gotta support the police and be calm.

Watch that above, via Fox News.

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