Geraldo Rivera Pleads With Trump to ‘Reject the Crackpots’ and Exit With ‘Dignity and Grace’ as He Hints at Jan. 6 Chaos

Congress is set to officially certify Joe Biden’s election victory on January 6th. Because President Donald Trump and a number of high-profile supporters are still digging in on baseless conspiracies about the election, there’s plans for some Republicans to attempt to object, while there’s a big pro-Trump protest expected in D.C. that day.

The president himself cryptically tweeted, “See you in Washington, DC, on January 6th. Don’t miss it. Information to follow!”

Geraldo Rivera, despite his support of the president, has been practically begging him in the last few weeks to knock it off, accept that he won, and not risk his legacy even more with this stuff.

Rivera has gone after some Trump allies like Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell for their crazy ideas, and on Tuesday he tweeted, “Whatever is planned for January 6th, true friends of @realDonaldTrump want him to remember the country comes first. The presidency means more than any individual. Reject the crackpots. Exit with dignity and grace, for yourself, your family and the country you served so ably.”

On Monday Rivera credited Trump for signing the omnibus bill containing covid relief, saying he “realized he was being spiteful & petty,” before adding that he shouldn’t listen to “diehard radicals who’ve done enough to tarnish his brilliant legacy.”

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