Hire These 4 Freelancers to Win Black Friday & Cyber Monday

With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the best time to kick off your holiday marketing campaign. 

In 2019, the sales for Black Friday hit an all-time high of $7.4 billion, and Cyber Monday profits reached $9.4 billion. Only time will tell whether we’ll beat last year’s figures due to the global recession. Yet, it’s clear that many consumers still shop online and scour the latest deals. 

If you don’t want to miss out on the fun, then it’s time to jumpstart your holiday marketing campaign. To guarantee your success, we highly recommend getting in touch with Fiverr freelancers with extensive experience in marketing, web design, social media, and advertising. 

Social Media 

In 2018, businesses allocated an astounding $27 billion on social media marketing and 25% of their annual budget on luring customers during Cyber Monday and Black Friday. 

Not surprisingly, many consumers discover products and services by scrolling on their newsfeed. You can take advantage of this opportunity and boost sales by hiring a Fiverr social media marketer with social media management, analytics, and audience research experience. 


Web Design 

21% of consumers cited an easy-to-use app or website as one of the primary reasons for purchasing. That’s precisely why many businesses create landing pages featuring their budget deals and holiday-themed products specifically for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Businesses on a tight budget can opt for Fiverr web designers skilled in using design software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD and Adobe Dreamweaver. More importantly, they’re also proficient in Javascript, Python, CSS. They can quickly draft and execute the proposal for your graphic UI, wireframe UX, and icons or buttons to ensure a seamless website and app experience. 



Whether you’re offering a subscription service or a trendy product, marketing is key to spreading the word about your promos. Half of the email subscribers even spend 10 to 60 minutes browsing through marketing emails during Cyber Monday and Black Friday. 

Experienced marketers will know that half of the battle begins several weeks before the most anticipated sales event. Holiday campaigns take weeks or months to plan. It’s not unusual for marketers to spend the entire October planning their campaigns and creating content. 

Lucky for you, Fiverr marketers are experienced content creators, email marketers, marketing strategists, analytics experts, and SEO professionals. They can create interactive and engaging clips, articles, and graphics to compel users to click the “Shop Now” button. 



Press releases and sponsored advertisements require the skills of a trained professional to attract consumers. You’ll need an expert with industry connections, market research skills, and the ability to collaborate with designers, influencers, and marketers to create eye-catching ads. It’s a smart investment because 50% of customers believe ads impact their buying decision.

Upon completion, you’ll also need to measure ROI and monitor your campaign’s performance for maximum impact. 

Navigating the advertising industry is a lot harder than it sounds, so hire Fiverr professionals that specialize in press releases and online advertisements. 


E-commerce management 

For retail brands, the holiday season means a lineup of new products and hundreds of sales. While more transactions are a good thing, it can be difficult to handle hundreds of transactions and fulfill transactions simultaneously. To prepare for the onslaught of sales, get in touch with Fiverr e-commerce professionals that can help you fulfill orders, offer customer support, upload new products, and manage your online store.


Win Black Friday & Cyber Monday With Fiverr Professionals

The pandemic may have severely impacted your business earlier this year. However, winning consumers in Black Friday and Cyber Monday will ensure your business will bounce back with a bang. 

According to Ecommerceguide, report commerce sales will reach $4.13 trillion in 2020. The pandemic hasn’t stopped people from browsing and shopping. So, you’ll only need marketers, social media experts, advertisers, and web designers to boost traffic to your stores. 

Fiverr freelancers can offer professional services for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns at an affordable price. You can get started by finding qualified professionals on our website