Lead Generation For Financial Advisors – Proven Strategies

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Lead generation is a non-negotiable skill for any financial advisor to possess. You may receive word-of-mouth recommendations from your current clients, which is helpful, but that won’t pull in enough new customers to succeed as a practice.

To keep the flow of qualified new leads pouring in, you have to be proactive in generating them. And this can be done by using a combination of paid and organic strategies.

That said, there are a bunch of strategies you’ll need to consider when you’re trying to boost lead generation for financial advisors.

Let’s have a look at them.

How to Get Clients As A Financial Advisor

While there are so many strategies you can use to generate leads as a financial advisor these are the proven techniques that will help you achieve your goal.

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You Need a Powerful Local SEO Technique to Generate Exclusive Financial Advisor Leads

Running a local SEO strategy for leads generation is one of the best moves you can make. Over the years local searches have seen tremendous growth.

Web queries that include the terms “near me” or “open” have risen by 200%.

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Ultimately, you’re missing out on tons of qualified leads (local clients) if you don’t optimize your website for local SEO.

However, to make sure that you rank high on Google’s local searches, you shouldn’t just be concerned about your website. You also need a business listing with Google to rank for local searches.

Research showed that 75% of web users will not click beyond the websites of the first page of their search results. And without doing proper local SEO you can’t rank on the local search results page.

Here’s one way you can ensure that you’re optimized for local SEO queries:

About 60% of web queries occur on mobile devices. This means your website must be mobile-friendly to reach local users who are searching from their mobiles.

Optimize your Google My Business listing

Make sure that the business address and name on your website match the one on your Google My Business listing.

Optimize your website to have all applicable alt tags, title tags, headers, keyword-based content, and search optimized URLs.

Evaluate your website for speed, easy navigation, and a proper linking strategy (no page should be more than 3 clicks from the home page). 

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Brand Consistency

Lead generation for financial advisors is crucial for success, but it must be implemented in a way that is consistent with your present brand image and story.

Brand consistency is vital for attracting both prospects and your current clients.

For instance, if you showcase your business as a financial advisor organization for the elite, then all lead generation efforts must reflect this current brand image.

Every one of your marketing content must also satisfy this message. This means your focus when seeking how to generate leads would be on how to assist such wealthy customers to attain the additional things of life (third house or yacht).

Through your lead generation efforts, you must show your target audience how you will help them reach the goals that your brand image says it satisfies.

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Embrace Email Marketing

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Email marketing has proven to be one of the most powerful marketing techniques any business can embrace. Nearly all humans have an email address. Over 3.9 billion people have an email address.

Most people now even have many email accounts, as they use each one for different purposes inclusive of specific emails solely for business mails.

That said, if as a business you listen to the consensus about the number of emails most people receive every day, it may look like running an email campaign is a waste of time. But the reality is that research shows that email marketing is even more effective than social media (40 times!). 

Email marketing also has the highest ROI of all marketing types. This may seem crazy when you think of the number of emails you delete daily without clicking them. But the numbers show the power of this strategy.

For example, web users click 1 of every 2000 Facebook adverts they encounter. 

The above stats show that you’re more likely to get clicks which can ultimately translate to leads by sending emails than running ads on Facebook.

When you compare this with Facebook ADs that only generate 100 clicks per 8000 views/impressions, the difference is clear. 

This does not imply that a company should stop it’s paid social media marketing and focus on just email marketing. A total digital campaign involves a combination of the two. All this points to the fact that you shouldn’t neglect email marketing for lead generation for a financial advisor. 

Take Advantage of Social Media to Generate Leads

Social media presents a massive avenue for digital advertising. It allows you to put your brand in front of millions of prospects. Plus, each social media platform has services that enable you to structure your brand experience on that channel to align with your goals.

To succeed in generating leads for financial advisors you’ll have to take advantage of social media. However, there are so many social media channels that we can all keep up with. The idea is for your business to be on as many as are relevant to your brand.

You must also use platforms that are popular with your target audience. You can hire professional marketers to make such decisions, which would be based on numerous demographic factors.

The largest social media platforms in the United States in no particular order are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
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Out of these social media channels, Facebook has the widest reach and the highest number of users on a day-to-day basis.

Instagram comes in second with regards to audience size. However, it’s owned by Facebook, so the two applications cooperate. 

Snapchat offers the youngest demographic and Pinterest has mainly female users.

LinkedIn is not usually taken into account as a social network but regarding lead generation, the platform offers businesses the biggest pool of quality leads.

People only visit LinkedIn for professional reasons. It’s a platform for users to connect and network with other people who have the same interest and career choices. This makes it a stellar place to showcase your business’s feature ads and services.

User behavior on LinkedIn is more geared towards promoting company services and career accomplishments.

The above reasons make the platform an amazing place to find and generate leads as a financial advisor. And regardless of the social strata that your business caters to, you’ll find prospects that satisfy it.

Financial Advisor Advertising – Paid ADs

Digital advertising is so laser-specific that you can customize ads paid for on platforms like Facebook to only be shown to your target audience.

When and how the ad is shown to prospects is all part of the deal. In terms of cost, paid digital financial advisor ads are one of the cheapest ways to market your brand.

You can feature digital ads almost everywhere, but Facebook and Google remain the platforms that offer the most visibility for such ads.

If you choose to run a paid advertising ad on Facebook you’ll be charged a fee daily depending on the number of users you aim to reach. Google on the other hand uses the pay-per-click model, which bills you based on the number of people who click your advert.

Digital ads can also be placed on literally any other online platform. Twitter and Instagram use and place digital ads. YouTube uses in-video and page banner ads. Pinterest offers sponsored pins for ads as well.

Once you’re sure of the best online platform to connect to your audience, you’ll have uncountable options to run your digital campaigns.

That said, this does not imply that traditional advertising doesn’t generate leads for financial advisors but you need to understand what performs best for your target audience.

Some people are still responsive to direct mailers. If such people are a part of your lead generation demographic then you can use paper advertisements or brochures that you can mail to such individuals.

You Need A Personal Website

There are so many strategies and marketing channels that allow financial advisors to generate leads. However, the best place is your website.

A personal or brand website isn’t just great for branding but for providing prospects with a place that they can find and reach you.

When your current clients tell other people about your services they need to be able to send such prospects somewhere. And that “somewhere” is your website.

You also display your abilities and how you can help your customers on your website. With financial services you need a place to be able to show testimonials as they help to build trust with prospects visiting your website.

That said, having a website goes beyond being just your voice online. It’ll also help pull in more business if you use it to its maximum potential.

Aspects like videos or blogs help in engaging incoming customers. You can also add links to all your social media touchpoints as well as include subscription forms for brand emails on the website.

Your website should act as a central hub for prospects to learn about how you can help them and what you do. That said, your website only works when you get traffic, and when users click around for the content on it.

So you must drive people to your website and business.

Online Reviews

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People trust online reviews about a product the same way they would a recommendation from a close friend. That’s the power of online reviews. Everyone checks out reviews for information regarding purchases they intend to make.

So how do you take advantage of this human behavior to boost your lead generation as a financial advisor? Get enough social validation of your business and services out there.

There are many ways to do this but here are a few:

Yelp and Google My Business

Create your business profile on these platforms and ensure that your details are up to date and complete. Next, you have to earn positive reviews from clients on these platforms.

To do so, politely ask your current or previous customers to log into these platforms and write genuine and positive reviews about your services.

Display Social Proof on Your Website

Most people take actions based on what’s socially acceptable or approved and that’s what showcasing customer testimonials, accolades, and accreditations on your website achieves.

When prospects land on your website and see that so many people have had a pleasurable experience working with you it eliminates the second thoughts they’ve been having regarding hiring your services.

If your current clients are happy with your services this would mean that they should also expect to be pleased with your business if they decide to partner with you. That’s what social proof places in the minds of prospects visiting your website.

Local Networking Groups

There are so many ways you can discover relevant local groups that’ll aid lead generation. With Facebook for example you can search for groups in your location. Groups for your school alum, recent grads, your industry, and much more.

Most of these Facebook groups are made for networking and some permit members to promote their business.

Reach out to Local Magazines and Newspapers

Sometimes reporters do feature stories on financial planning. And as a financial advisor, this presents an opportunity for you to offer your expertise and pitch your write-up to them.

Search for Methods to Promote Your Brand and Name

Go through periodicals and journals to look for opportunities to put your name in various publications. You could even write the editor of local publications an article for publishing on a topic that is relevant to your business.

Any opportunity to have your name out there in your local community would raise your brand’s profile and push lead generation.

Embrace the Art of Sponsorship

It’s a given that you’ll find local entities that are seeking businesses to assist them. It may involve sponsoring a kid’s baseball or soccer team or sending in raffle items for a community auction.

If you have the financial capacity you can even sponsor an advert on a billboard during a sporting program.

The above-listed ideas magnify your brand’s profile in the eyes of your local community and give you good exposure.  This ensures your business gets to be in front of people who would have probably not heard of your services.

Patronize Paid Lead Services

Organic leads are excellent and even leads that stem from your marketing strategies. But to ensure that you continually have prospects rolling in, paid lead generation services are great tools to use. Such organizations already have clients that they’ve vetted and will give you a list of prospects searching for services that you offer.

When you Get Leads How Do You Close?

While there are so many ways you can start the closing process, you may want to start with a phone call because it is independent of your prospect’s location. If the conversation goes as planned, you can then suggest meeting in-person.

But what do you say during the in-person appointment? There are sets of predefined questions that can help you kickstart the conversation and show that you know what you’re doing.

Asking the right questions can also build trust in your ability to deliver, as it shows you’re aware of the areas that matter to the client.

So let’s see some of these introductory questions:

  • What financial concerns matter to you the most? 
  • How do you make crucial financial and investment decisions? 
  • What are your financial goals for the next 1 year? And 4 years from now? 
  • What changes are you expecting to see regarding your finances in the future that you want to know how to plan for? 
  • What type of financial  future do you expect? A pessimistic or an optimistic one?
  • What non-financial objectives and concerns occupy your goals currently? 
  • When last did you engage the services of a financial advisor? 
  • What do you expect from a financial advisor to ensure a smooth working relationship? 
  • What are the goals you want to achieve with financial planning? 
  • Why do you need help? 

The questions listed above will induce your prospect to open up about their expectations and goals with regards to a financial advisor. And this gives you the chance to understand them better and be certain that they satisfy the criteria for the kind of clients you’re looking for.

The overall objective of engaging a lead is to ensure that you’re the perfect fit to help them reach their financial goals and manage their assets.


Generating leads as a financial advisor demands the right timing, adequate effort, and the best strategies to see valuable results.

It’s the best approach to ensure that prospects flow into your businesses. There are numerous methods of lead generation, either organic and paid as we’ve seen above. So just go through the piece and pick the strategies that align with your brand’s message and story.