Liberal Schadenfreude, MAGA Apoplexy Erupts Online After SCOTUS Rejects TX Lawsuit: ‘It’s Over Over Over Over’

Supreme Court Rejects Texas Lawsuit to Overturn Election for Trump

Photo credit: Stefani Reynolds, Getty Images

The breaking — but entirely predictable — news that the Supreme Court thoroughly rejected the Texas attorney general’s desperate lawsuit to overturn the 2020 election nonetheless exploded online, with Trump critics and MAGA fans experiencing emotional highs and lows, respectively.

After the Court issued its one-page summary denial of Texas’ standing, it effectively slammed shut the door on the Trump campaign’s most highly-touted gambit to re-instal Donald Trump as president by overturning the will of the voters in four swing states. Coming weeks after President-elect Joe Biden was called the winner by all major news organizations, all the states had certified their votes, and the Trump campaign had lost dozens of previous lawsuits, this latest defeat inspired a tsunami of liberal Schadenfreude and I-told-you-so’s.

But on the other side of the political spectrum, Trump supporters took the news hard — so hard, in fact, that some of them bemoaned the future of the country, when not publicly turning secession and coup-curious, or engaged in outright denial, promising that the next case brought by the Trump campaign’s legal team was sure to be the one that turns things around.

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