Liz Mair Dragged For Claiming Overpaid, Underworked Reporters Are to Blame For Demise of Local News

Republican strategist Liz Mair drew criticism on Monday for suggesting overpaid and underworked reporters are contributing to the death of local news.

“One problem contributing to the demise of local media is the very minimal output of some local reporters,” she wrote. “When you file like one story a week, it’s hard to justify high five figure or low six figure salaries and you’re not doing much to attract readers. Too little content.”

“Too few readers equals too few advertising and too little advertising dollars,” Mair added in a follow up tweet. “No one wants to have to file three things a day and that’s not the necessary standard. But filing a couple things a week, one or more of which is the same thing your competitors have also filed = death.”

The tweets were deleted after an uproar. See screenshots below.

Mair’s assessment drew almost universal fire from journalists, who noted her assessment of the demise of local media was based on a wildly faulty premise.

This story has been updated to note that Liz Mair’s tweets have been deleted.

UPDATE – 12:52 p.m. ET: Mair posted an explanation for her deleted tweets.

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