Maddow Has Most-Watched Show, CNN Wins Big in Key Demo Ratings on Wednesday

MSNBC’S Rachel Maddow had the most-watched show in cable news Wednesday, while CNN prime time hosts Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Don Lemon boosted the network to big wins in the key demographic of viewers age 25-54. Fox News had the most viewers overall in prime time, thanks to strong audience turnout for opinion hosts Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

The Rachel Maddow Show pulled the biggest total audience of the day, with 3.59 million viewers, and 550,000 in the demo. CNN’s key demo dominance was largely due to its prime time shows: Anderson Cooper 360 had the biggest key demo audience, with 613,000 viewers (2.42 million overall); Cuomo Prime Time had 565,000 viewers in the demo (2.19 million overall), and the first hour of CNN Tonight had 505,000 viewers in the demo (1.96 million overall). Tucker Carlson Tonight had the second-most total viewers in prime time and for the day, 3.41 million, and 496,000 in the demo, while Hannity had 3.1 million total viewers and 442,000 in the demo.

CNN far outpaced the competition to win the key demo during prime time, with an average 561,000 demo viewers, and 2.19 million overall. Fox continued to have the most total viewers in prime time, 2.97 million, and 453,000 in the demo. MSNBC had 2.84 million prime time viewers, and 420,000 in the demo.

At 7 p.m, Erin Burnett OutFront had 2.18 million total viewers, and 552,000 in the demo – the third biggest demo audience for the day. The ReidOut had more total viewers, 2.23 million, and 336,000 in the demo. The Story with Martha MacCallum had 1.75 million viewers, with 255,000 in the demo.

MSNBC had the most total daytime viewers, 1.81 million, and 272,000 in the demo. Fox had the second-most viewers, 1.63 million, but the fewest in the demo, with 256,000. CNN had the fewest daytime viewers overall – 1.57 million – but scored big in the demo, winning with 398,000 viewers.

While Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski continue to pull in the most total viewers in the morning, demo wins for the morning shows are a near-daily shuffle. Morning Joe again had the most viewers overall, 1.44 million, and 214,000 in the demo. Fox and Friends had the second-most daytime viewers, 1.08 million, and the fewest in the demo, with 173,000. CNN’s New Day had the fewest overall viewers, 809,000, but the most in the demo, with 221,000.

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