MAGA Twitter Insists Trump ‘Didn’t Concede’ After POTUS Posts Concession Speech on Twitter

In the hours that followed President Donald Trump’s posting of a video in which he finally admitted that the election was over, and pledged a peaceful transition to the next administration (without naming President-elect Joe Biden by name.) Many media outlets, including this one, fairly called the speech a concession, his technically never saying the word “concede.”

The fact that one can concede a loss without actually saying the word was lost on a number of individuals on Twitter, who saw Trump’s most recent Rorschach test of content as evidence in support of the thing that they want to see. To paraphrase one of Trump’s most notorious moments, these are very confused people … on both sides.

The award for most delusional reaction goes to the MAGA set, who saw Trump not saying “I concede” as some sort of clue that the fight is not over. (It is.) To wit:


Others fairly noted that while Trump’s message was very different than what he said early, say during the Save America Rally that incited a Capitol Hill siege by his supporters, his tone wasn’t that different. For example:

As usual, the most entertaining reactions came from those who used the absurdities on display as a platform for cracking wise. Like these Twitter jesters below:


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