Mark Levin Has Been Claiming For a Month He’s Going to Leave Twitter and Facebook (In Repeated Posts on Twitter and Facebook)

Fox News host Mark Levin wants you to know (really wants you to know) that he will be logging off of Twitter and Facebook forever very soon, yet after making that claim nearly two dozen times over the past month, he’s still on both platforms.

As Hannity fans might know Levin, “The Great One” began tweeting out farewell posts just a few days after Election Day and has continued to put out nearly identical tweets every day since then.

On 22 occasions over the last three weeks of November and into early December, Levin tweeted out, “Hurry and follow me at Parler. I may not stay at Facebook or Twitter if they continue censoring me. And one day I’ll have left their platforms.”

It remains unclear when this mysterious “one day” will ever arrive for the Fox News host, who recently claimed to be joining a new “resistance” movement against President-elect Joe Biden.

Don’t take my word for it, all of Levin’s tweets can be seen below.

Levin is engaging in the same valedictory threats over on Facebook, as well.

UPDATE: Following publication, Levin declared on Twitter that he would be leaving Facebook at the end of the month. The Fox News host didn’t state when he will be leaving

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