New York Post Issues Correction After Photoshopping Black CEO to Look Like a Criminal

New York Post Art

The New York Post found itself in hot water once again this weekend for photoshopping the image of a Black CEO to make him look like a criminal.

Wes Moore, the CEO of NYC charity foundation Robin Hood, called out the tabloid for casting him as a “criminal” in art that accompanied a story that had nothing to do with him. Moore reasoned that the Post confused his charity with a stock trading app bearing a similar name.

“Today @nypost photoshopped me to look like a ‘criminal’ in a story that had nothing to do with me. They confused @RobinhoodApp & @robinhoodnyc,” Moore tweeted on Friday. “I’m sure retractions are forthcoming, but even if your basic facts had not been wrong, know that trafficking in cheap tropes is harmful.”

On Saturday, the Post ran a correction in the business section, where the article originally ran.

“On Friday, an illustration for a story in the business section about the Robinhood stock-trading app mistakenly used the face of Wes Moore, the CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation, a New York City charity. The Post regrets this error,” the correction stated.

The Post reporter who wrote the story, Thornton McEnery, issued a public apology on Twitter to Moore, noting he was not aware the art would accompany the story.

The Post reporter also privately apologized to the CEO and expressed regret over the case of mistaken identities, Mediaite learned.

“This art was an inexcusable mistake considering that your name appears nowhere in the copy of my story, and I deeply wish I had been able to prevent it from happening. You deserve every apology, and I’m ashamed that my byline is associated with it,” McEnery tweeted.

On Saturday afternoon, Moore tweeted out the correction, and thanked the Post. 

This case of botched art is the latest in a streak of mishaps from Rupert Murdoch’s New York City tabloid: the paper took heat last week for outing a New York City medic as an OnlyFans model.

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