ProMat goes digital with ProMatDX 2021

The world’s supply chains were put to the test in 2020 as individuals, companies and entire economies learned firsthand the critical nature of these global, intertwined networks. With technology playing a leading role in the development of agile, resilient supply chains, there’s no time like the present for a new digital event focused on “powering up” manufacturing and supply chain professionals worldwide.

To answer this call, MHI created the ProMat Digital Experience (ProMatDX), a new digital event experience that will showcase the latest solutions that these professionals need to improve the resiliency and agility of their operations. A five-day event, ProMatDX will feature connections, solution-sourcing and education. With the theme of “Power Up,” ProMatDX will give supply chain professionals a marketplace where they can source solutions and learn about the latest trends and technologies.

Showcasing new innovations

ProMatDX product showcases will feature live chat and digital product demos for the newest technologies and innovations. Attendees will get a virtual, front-row seat to the latest innovations from vendors across numerous categories, including (but not limited to):

  • Materials handling equipment and systems: Automated storage and retrieval systems, automatic guided vehicle systems, casters/wheels/tires, hydraulic and electrical components and controls, robots, personnel/burden carriers, racks, forklifts, batteries, flexible manufacturing systems, and unit handling systems.
  • Packaging, containers and shipping equipment: Box and carton makers, packaging machinery, stretch wrapping, shrink wrapping, inspection of products by weight or scanning, pallets, wire baskets, plastic and metal containers, and palletizing equipment.
  • Inventory management and controlling technologies: Computers, controllers, software programs, systems integrators, manufacturing execution systems, warehouse management systems, supply chain and logistics execution systems, wireless and remote control systems, and order management systems.
  • Dock and warehouse equipment and supplies: Dock levelers, dock pads, doors, forklift trucks, racks, flooring, handling systems, forklift attachments, conveyors, hoists, cranes, monorails, below/hook lifting devices.
  • Consultants and distribution system planners: Simulators, modelers, and system designers.
  • Automatic identification equipment and systems: Bar code printers and scanners, vision systems, voice recognition systems, radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, and systems integrators.
  • Supply chain management: Alternative fuel systems, parcel management and distribution, reverse logistics, third-party logistics, supply chain and logistics execution systems, enterprise resource planning, and transportation management systems.
  • Sustainability solutions: Alternative and renewable energy and fuel systems, recyclable and returnable packaging and shipping materials, energy-efficient lighting, high-volume/low-speed (HVLS) fans, energy-efficient equipment and sensors, and daylighting technologies.
  • Robotics & automated solutions: Automated storage and retrieval systems, automatic guided vehicle systems, robotics, automatic guided carts, autonomous mobile robots, goods-to-person systems, articulated robotic arms, driverless trucks, delivery and inventory drones, and automated cranes.

Each ProMatDX sponsor will have a showcase where attendees can view sponsor product information including videos, streamed seminars and product demos. Attendees can also engage in live chat and social media, drop a business card, and schedule live video meetings with sponsors.

Keynotes, seminars and educational opportunities

This year’s virtual ProMatDX show will include keynotes and more than 100 digital seminars on the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation. These education and networking opportunities bring together leading experts from the industry to give attendees the latest information on manufacturing and supply chain trends, technologies and innovations.

ProMatDX will feature keynotes on the MHI Innovation Awards, the 2021 MHI Annual Report, and Women in Supply Chain. Other keynotes are also in the planning stages. ProMatDX seminars will be streamed sessions that include chat, interactive polling, and Q&As with show sponsors. The conference also includes AI-matchmaking and personalized video meetings.

Managing today’s disruptions and preparing for the future

According to John Paxton, CEO at MHI, this year’s show will feature a full lineup of content, products and networking opportunities designed to help companies develop more resilient, agile supply chains.

“The disruptions created by the pandemic accelerated the trends affecting the supply chain,” Paxton explains, “including rapid e-commerce growth, automation and emerging technology adoption, data analytics, transparency, resiliency, mass customization and workforce safety.”

During these dynamic times, Paxton says MHI’s role is even more important. He says the biggest short-term challenge is providing market access and connections to the industry without MHI’s cornerstone, in-person ProMat trade show. “Since the pandemic has emphasized the importance of the global supply chain,” Paxton says, “providing market access, connections and knowledge for manufacturing and supply chain professionals has never been more important.”