Rush Limbaugh Trends Over Secession Comments — And Some Critics Hoping for His Death

Radio host Rush Limbaugh became a top trending topic over his comments about the United States “trending toward secession” — along with many critics openly rooting for his death of stage 4 lung cancer.

Tens of thousands of Twitter users were buzzing about Limbaugh — who announced in February that he has terminal lung cancer — and once his secession remarks began trending, several prominent media figures and other verified users expressed disappointment at the reason.

Comic actor Tom Arnold wrote “I’m looking forward to Rush Limbaugh’s reunion with his maker Abaddon,” a reference to a demonic figure.

Fox Soul host Claudia Jordan wrote “Satan—please come get your son…. Rush Limbaugh,” then later added “God forgive me (and I KNOW I’m not alone in this) but every time I see Rush Limbaugh trending I get excited…. and then…. I see he was just talking more sh*t and peddling more hate. Come thru G.R. You dragging ya boney feet,” presumably referring to the Grim Reaper.

Other blue-checks reactions alternated between that and scathing criticism of Limbaugh’s remarks and career.

Shortly after the broadcaster’s diagnosis, CNN host Brian Stelter denounced hopes for Limbaugh’s death, saying “It’s revolting to me,” and asking “Why can’t people say ‘we hope Rush gets better quickly?’”

President Donald Trump awarded Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom shortly after the diagnosis was announced.

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