Seth Rogen Goes Off on Hugh Hewitt in Twitter Back-and-Forth: ‘You’re a F*cking Moron’

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Seth Rogen got in a Twitter back-and-forth with conservative pundit and radio host Hugh Hewitt on Sunday.

Senator Marco Rubio criticized President-elect Joe Biden for not being more unifying in his comments after a violent mob of Trump supporters incited by the president stormed the Capitol to intimidate lawmakers:

Hewitt echoed Rubio’s sentiments about how Biden should be preaching unity:

Rogen immediately went on a tear against Hewitt and said, “We’ve already established that your words are meaningless and you have no set of morals that you consistently abide by, and therefor you should probably just shut up?”

Hewitt responded with invites for Rogen to come on his show and remarked, “I do doubt your grasp on history and politics.”

Rogen responded by telling him to “get fucked” and saying, “There might have been a time when your vocabulary could mask the fact that you’re an empty toilet waiting to be filled with shit, just to give it purpose, but that time has passed.”

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