The 11 Best Digital Marketing Courses (2020 Edition)

Ready to further your digital marketing education? Here are 11 of the best digital marketing courses of 2020… you don’t want to miss these.

In business, so much relies on good marketing.  

If the marketers don’t consistently generate website traffic, collect new leads, and turn those leads into customers, then the business will struggle to survive…

…regardless of how great the product is. 

Unfortunately, the top challenge that marketers mentioned in a Hubspot survey was “generating traffic and leads”, right next to “proving the ROI of our marketing efforts” and “securing enough budget.”

So, knowing those challenges are real and affect many marketers, what’s the solution? 

To become the best marketer that you can be. 

And while that’s not necessarily going to be a short journey, here are 11 of the best digital marketing courses to either further your education or jump-start your expertise.  

We’ve included a description and video introduction of each.


What if you could learn how to craft a high-converting sales funnel from scratch, in just 30 days… with experts holding your hand the entire time? 

Better yet, what if you just had to pay $100? 

Well, that’s exactly what we created with the One Funnel Away Challenge. 

We believe that everyone is just one funnel away from… building the business of their dreams… living the life of their dreams… or having the impact of their dreams. 

You won’t just learn how to craft an effective sales funnel, you’ll actually build one, step-by-step over 30 days, with experts guiding you the entire time. 

Price: $100

Introduction Video

DotCom Secrets will teach you everything you need to know about using sales funnels to grow your business online. 

Inside, our CEO and founder, Russell Brunson, reveals exactly how he grew ClickFunnels from into a multi-million dollar company with more than 10,000 members. He shows you evergreen marketing principles that stand the test of time and work in any industry and any niche. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or digital marketer, then you need to read this book. 

Price: Free (Just Pay Shipping)

Introduction Video

Google has its very own digital marketing course, which includes a certification. 

There are 26 modules that take about 40 hours to go through. The course is meant for internet marketing beginners and is free of charge. 

Since this course is taught by Google, there’s a particularly strong focus on SEO and building search traffic to your website. But they also cover best social media marketing practices and even how to setup an online store. 

This is a good introduction to digital marketing… made better by the fact that it’s free. 

Price: Free

Introduction Video

Naturally, your business needs leads and customers. 

But both of those things depend heavily upon another all-important metric: traffic. 

If your website or sales funnel doesn’t have consistent traffic, then you’re not going to generate leads or make sales… regardless of high-converting sales funnels and attractive products. 

Traffic Secrets was written by our CEO and founder, Russell Brunson. Inside, he explains how he consistently drives traffic to the ClickFunnels website and how other marketers can do the same thing. These strategies are evergreen and work in any industry, any niche, at any time. 

Price: Free (Just Pay Shipping)

Introduction Video

What if you used some of that time binging Netflix to further your digital marketing education? 

With a FunnelFlix subscription, you can watch videos that will teach you how to build effective sales funnels, write compelling sales copy, and drive high-quality website traffic, all with real-life examples from in-the-trenches entrepreneurs and marketers. 

Plus, you can try FunnelFlix for free (no credit card required). 

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. 

Price: Free Trial, Then $97/Month

Introduction Video

SEMrush Academy is packed full of courses that can help you learn the basics of content marketing, SEO, keyword research, and more. 

This is a great place to go, browse, pick a course that fits your educational needs. You can even take tests and get certified. 

Price: Free

Introduction Video

Everyone’s an expert at something. 

And this book — written by our very own founder and CEO, Russell Brunson — shows at-home entrepreneurs how to transform those expertise into a thriving online business. 

But the principles within this book apply to all businesses. 

You’ll learn evergreen digital marketing strategies that will help you drive traffic, grow your email list, and most importantly, systematically make sales…

…even if you’ve never sold anything online before. 

This is a great place to start and a great place to continue your education. 

Price: Free (Just Pay Shipping)

Introduction Video

In the free Funnel Scripts webclass, you’ll learn “how to get all of your sales letters, scripts, and webinar slides, emails and ads written in as little as 10 minutes without hiring an expensive copywriter.”

As if that pitch isn’t compelling enough, you’ll also be learning from the two of the best copywriters in the digital marketing world — Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards. 

You’ll learn how to craft no-nonsense sales funnels with forward-driving sales copy that converts like clockwork. 

Plus, the webclass is totally free. 

Price: Free

Introduction Video

When it comes to marketing B2B online businesses, HubSpot is one of the top authorities. 

And HubSpot’s digital marketing courses are nothing to gawk at. They have free courses and certifications for social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, sales, and tons more. 

This is a great place to go and explore for experts and beginners alike.

Price: Free

Introduction Video

For those of you who are working with an MLM or network marketing business, this is a book all about growing your side-hustle. 

You’ll learn how to use sales funnels to sell online rather than just selling in person to friends and family. 

And you’ll learn how to grow a thriving business as a network marketer. 

Price: Free

Introduction Video

Among marketers, Copyblogger is known as one of the top places to learn about copywriting, sales, and digital marketing as a whole. 

Their course is free and will teach you about sales relationships, direct response copywriting, content marketing, and even product creation. 

This is definitely worth checking out. 

Price: Free

Ready to Become an Expert at Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing world is complicating… and it’s riddled with challenges. 

But if you master the basics, you’ll be able to help grow any business in any market (including your own). 

And the above 11 courses are a great place to start. 

Off you go!