The Best 17 Social Listening Tools to Power Your Marketing

The Best 17 Social Listening Tools to Power Your MarketingThe Best 17 Social Listening Tools to Power Your Marketing

If you’re not using social listening tools, your brand might be literally deaf.

An important part of social media and digital marketing is knowing where your brand stands at any one time.

Are people aware you exist? What’s your competition doing? Has one of your past marketing efforts backfired somehow? Why do people prefer your brand (or the competition) so strongly?

These are some of the important questions we all need to answer.

And, one of the best ways to get answers is through social listening.

Since this is such a labor-intensive job when attempted by hand, developers have come up with tools to help. Here are some of the best options.

Awario social listening featuresAwario social listening features

One of the things that sets Awario apart is that it monitors everything. This doesn’t just include social media and popular review sites, but also everywhere on the Web. Why? Their proprietary web crawlers search for keywords and hashtags wherever they might be found, not just where there’s an API. This is advantageous for smaller businesses doing market research for an expansion. But, it’s also highly useful to a global brand who must respond to customer complaints in any language.

How does this work? Sign up, then choose the keywords to monitor. Awario advertises that they send you alerts in real time, which allows you to do customer service through social media. This way, you can have a staff member who addresses issues as they arise. You’ll only be limited by the working hours for your staff.

Pricing: Starter plan is $29 per month; $89/mo for pro and $299 at enterprise level.

brand24 #influencermarketing searchbrand24 #influencermarketing search
An example of an #influencermarketing search on Brand24 showing share of voice of top influencers. Brand24 was kind enough to offer me free access so that I could show you how it worked in action.

Brand24 is a good, basic social monitoring tool. Here, they don’t have a ton of bells and whistles. You’ll set a “project” for monitoring, which can be time limited or ongoing. For your own brand, ongoing is better. It’s a nice Boolean-style setup that lets you exclude irrelevant material. Then, using AI-based technology, Brand24 looks all over the Web for your target keywords. There are integrations for team productivity tools, such as Slack, that facilitate customer service responses.

What’s different? The way reporting is done. Rather than cram your feed with all the results jumbled together, they actively mark which results are positive, negative, or neutral. This saves you time. Even better, they have a visual reporting system that puts analytics into charts and statistics. At the end, you get a report called “social reach,” which helps you get an overall view of how well you are doing on social media.

Pricing: Basic plan is $49 per month, Premium $99 and Max $199.

brandwatch social listening toolbrandwatch social listening tool

If all you want is a social listening tool then Brandwatch might be overkill. That’s because this is a platform for market research and consumer intelligence, not just a social listening program. However, if you want a lot of information in one place, then Brandwatch might be for you. In fact, this is really a social media management platform, because the main limitation of Brandwatch is that it mostly monitors social media.

Another advantage to Brandwatch is that it has several integrations available. Since Brandwatch bought some other companies, they have a broad presence across the Web using those other tools. In the end, the main reason to get this one is its ability to give impactful insights about various parties. These can be brands, but also people and topics. Overall, a great way to carry out market research and strategic planning.

Pricing: no information available.

Buzzsumo Twitter influencers for influencer marketingBuzzsumo Twitter influencers for influencer marketing
A look at Twitter influencers for influencer marketing in Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo has allowed me to use their product for free, which is why I am able to show you an actual screenshot.

Speaking of Brandwatch purchases, one of them is Buzzsumo. This is a comprehensive social listening tool that also has an emphasis on influencer marketing. They will help you find influencers by identifying people with appropriate brand affinity. In addition, significant analytics capabilities help determine the level of effectiveness you are having with influencer campaigns.

However, you don’t need to work with influencers to benefit. That’s because they carefully listen to social traffic and give actionable insights into overall consumer sentiment. You can then let the PR department deal with any dumpster fires, or market to a certain segment of the population more intelligently. Launching a new product? You’ll quickly find out how successful your marketing is, even before sales numbers start rolling in.

Pricing: 30 day free trial, then there are 4 plans: Pro ($99/mo), Plus ($179/mo), Large ($299/mo), and Enterprise ($499/mo). Yearly pay discounts are available.

Digimind social listening tool use case scenariosDigimind social listening tool use case scenarios

Digimind is a multipurpose marketing tool that does social listening and much more. Even their social listening-only functionalities offer an AI-based assistant that can actually recommend courses of action based on information gathered. For the solo marketing practitioner, this is especially valuable as the assistant helps you do the thinking. Of course, larger teams can also benefit. ON request, the AI assistant will compile reports with the data supporting recommended courses of action.

Once you have a few marketing campaigns underway, Digimind will help you track the results. This not only includes social listening impacts, but also ROI statistics. Then, you can export these reports to share with the boss or other teams. Want search engine trends? You can get those too.

Pricing: Only on request. social listening social listening features is a comprehensive social listening tool that monitors the “social web” in addition to just the networks. In addition, the program speaks most major world languages for a worldwide impact. This means that it’s useful for multinational brands, and not just those with a single-language presence. For tourism and hospitality, this is especially useful due to the wide variety of languages spoken by guests who may then talk about their experiences.

Besides this multilingual monitoring capability, Falcon lets you design and carry out campaigns using the platform. This includes both scheduling and monitoring of campaign results. Because of this, you don’t need as many tools outside of Falcon. Finally, this tool both monitors trends and helps with influencer identification. For that reason, it is useful for multiple segments of the marketing department.

Pricing: Multiple plans available, starting at $129 monthly for a limited-feature version. Other prices unavailable.

Keyhole social listening featuresKeyhole social listening features

Unlike most tools that work based on keywords, Keyhole is hashtag-based. In addition, the site indicates that its listening ability is concentrated on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On Facebook, hashtag use is less common, so this may affect results. That’s not to say you shouldn’t think about using it, though. Keyhole is an easy-to-use tool that lets you see what people are saying on most social media sites. Combined with other information, this can be very useful to us as marketers.

Besides straight-up listening, Keyhole also provides social media analytics. These can be applied not just for positive vs. negative sentiment, but also marketing campaign effectiveness. Information can be imported from other locations, which will allow for historical data to be compared in-app. Best of all, new information is provided in real time, allowing for campaign adjustments.

Pricing: Starting at $49 or $59 monthly, depending on desired functionalities.

Meltwater social listening solutionsMeltwater social listening solutions

Having been in business for almost 20 years, Meltwater is one of the original Internet monitoring services. Back this far, it predates most social media applications. Not only do they listen on social media, but they also monitor blogs, media outlets, and review sites. This means that Meltwater is an excellent choice if you want comprehensive analytics of your brand’s online presence.

Another thing Meltwater can help you with is directly contacting the media and influencers. Then, you can schedule and publish things across the Web at the touch of a button. In other words, it lets you reach out rather than simply monitoring.

Pricing: No information available. conversation analysis conversation analysis features

Mention is a lot more than just a social listening tool. In fact, it’s a complete social media marketing suite. They listen across multiple social media platforms, but also monitor the press, blogs, review sites, and more. For Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Mention has additional tools to help filter through and analyze results. In this sense, they are a lot more than just a way to find out what people are saying about your brand, competitors, and industry. Like most other tools, they send prompt alerts with the latest intelligence.

However, Mention goes a step further because they let you publish marketing materials directly to the Web. Many campaigns can even be produced directly in the app. In this way, you can avoid having to manage a whole bunch of other tools just to get the basics done.

Pricing: Plans range from individual entrepreneurs ($25/mo) all the way to large company accounts (upwards of $450/mo).

Mentionlytics social listening featuresMentionlytics social listening features

Mentionlytics is another full-service social listening tool and marketing suite. However, it is geared towards people with fewer marketing needs, such as small businesses and public figures. This means that your influencer or State Representative might be using it. Accordingly, this is a scaled down version of some other tools.

With Mentionlytics, you get insight into your market and basic social monitoring/listening services. In addition, there is a social media scheduler that lets you set and forget your weekly posts. This works on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but you can integrate with Buffer to schedule on other networks. Finally, there’s an AI based advisor that helps meet the needs of marketing beginners and small players.

Pricing: Plans range from $39 to $299 per month, depending on your needs and business size.

NetBaseQuid measure operational KPIs for success exampleNetBaseQuid measure operational KPIs for success example

As its name suggests, this company is the product of a merger. NetBase is more social media oriented, while Quid is focused more on media monitoring. From viewing its website, it appears that NetBase Quid offers a wide variety of products to suit your needs. Want something comprehensive? You’ll want to purchase products from both suites.

Of course, this does have one distinct advantage: You’ll come fairly close to paying only for what you need. Many competitors don’t offer this level of flexibility. Another plus is that some products in their portfolio are geared towards small businesses and entrepreneurs, while others are supercharged for large companies.

Pricing: No public information.

SEMrush Neal Schaffer brand monitoringSEMrush Neal Schaffer brand monitoring
An example of the web brand monitoring for my name, Neal Schaffer. SEMrush has given me free access to their tool which allowed me to create this.

While you probably know that SEMrush is one of the leading SEO tools, did you know that they also offer social media monitoring as well as brand monitoring across the Internet?

SEMrush really is a relatively complete online marketing suite. There’s a social media listening component, but the program does much more. They will help you with SEO, PPC campaigns, and all forms of social media marketing. In addition, they provide content optimization and complete analytics. You can even publish content directly from the app. There’s even a plan for freelancers and solopreneurs. Overall, one of the most versatile tools on the market.

Pricing: Ranges from $99.95-$399.95 per month. Note that competitive analysis is an added charge.

socialbakers social intelligence featuressocialbakers social intelligence features

Despite its being one of the original AI-based digital marketing tools, Socialbakers didn’t release their social listening functionality until recently. In practice, it means that this tool is more valuable than ever, with its all-in-one social media marketing functionalities. Another thing that sets Socialbakers apart is that it also does influencer marketing in-app. Overall, Socialbakers has a plethora of campaign planning, execution and marketing tools that provide significant value to marketers.

Pricing: Their “essential tools” plan, which doesn’t include social listening, starts at $240 per month. Their more comprehensive plan has no pricing available online.

Sprinklr modern researchSprinklr modern research

Sprinklr has an emphasis on customer experience and uses social listening as a means to this end. They combine social listening and other business intelligence sources to help you design and execute new marketing campaigns. At the same time, your customer experience and other analytics-based departments can take advantage of this tool. They’ll even help you manage social media accounts.

Pricing: No information available.

Synthesio social listening featuresSynthesio social listening features

If you are a larger brand or have significant overseas operations, check out Synthesio. They brag about monitoring sources in a whopping 195 different countries and over 80 languages. The other thing to note is that they are strictly a social intelligence provider, so they do one main thing very well. For added benefit, check out their Trend Detection Module, which provides AI-based market research from social media sources.

Pricing: No information available.

Talkwalker social listening featuresTalkwalker social listening features

Brands that are worried about online reviews should check out Talkwalker. Besides their review tracker, Talkwalker proves versatile through its ability to interpret a wide variety of foreign languages. They also provide analysis of video content, which is fairly unique on the market. Higher service tiers provide analytics and market research functionalities. From what we have seen, this isn’t a tool that’s geared towards small businesses. Rather, they seem to be focusing on large enterprises.

Pricing: Starts at $9,000 per year upfront fee. Higher tiers are “on request.”

Tweetdeck Twitter client in actionTweetdeck Twitter client in action

As its name suggests, TweetDeck is Twitter-specific. Because Twitter is an old school social media network, they have, through purchasing TweetDeck, built in analytics and targeting tools that help marketers know what’s going on at the click of a button. Set your alerts, then organize them into columns. Then, you can get the information you need at a glance. No wonder it’s such a popular Twitter client.

Pricing: free

Keeping track of what people are saying about you and your brands online is a daunting task. After all, there are several social media sites in each country, and millions of other sources on the Web. Trying to keep track of everything by hand is almost impossible. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of tools available to help. They have different features, and one is available to fit almost any budget. By taking a look at these options, you are sure to find just the right one.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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