The Top Ten Best Songs by BLACKPINK

Global K-pop sensation BLACKPINK may not have a huge discography to their name, but as of now they’ve released just enough title tracks to qualify for a Bias List top ten countdown!

This is a weird one, because it’s a list split between songs I absolutely love and songs that I… don’t. But in the spirit of positivity, I’m going to try to look for the strengths of every song — even those in the bottom three.

10. Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) (2020)

A playful taunt of a pop song, BLACKPINK team with Selena Gomez for an English-language romp that’s more attitude than innovation. But, its seesawing refrain has its moments. (full review)

9. How You Like That (2020)

Another case of beguiling verses being undercut by a bare-bones, vacuous chorus, How You Like That exemplifies the frustrating duality of BLACKPINK’s music. (full review)

8. Kill This Love (2019)

Fueled by trumpeting theatricality, Kill This Love merges spitfire rap with thundering salvos. It could do with more of a chorus, but gets by on its bombast. (full review)

7. Ddu-Du Dhu-Du (2018)

The beginning of a certain BLACKPINK formula, Ddu-Du Dhu-Du remains the most successful of these chant-heavy hype tracks. Its clanging, skeletal beat gives way to a surprisingly robust pre-chorus and catchy hook. (full review)

6. Stay (2016)

Bringing the energy down for a folksy, guitar-strumming singalong, Stay shines welcome focus on the girls’ vocals while building toward an irresistible, clap-along chorus. Bonus points for the harmonica! (full review)

5. Whistle (2016)

Though paired with another track, Whistle feels like BLACKPINK’s de facto debut. Its spare verses deliver an airy ambience, leading into a more propulsive pre-chorus and instantly-memorable, whistling hook. (full review)

4. Boombayah (2016)

Overlapping with the sound of YG Entertainment’s 2NE1, Boombayah casts BLACKPINK as heiresses to the throne. Its carnival-like atmosphere makes for a hearty, exciting dance track. The pre-choruses are especially immense. (full review)

3. Lovesick Girls (2020)

A good old-fashioned, YG dance-rock anthem, Lovesick Girls finally broke BLACKPINK out of the “catchphrase chorus” structure they’d been lodged in for years. The song has a satisfying drive, anchored by a singalong chorus and breakneck rap verse. (full review)

2. As If It’s Your Last (2017)

The perfect encapsulation of the group’s “pink” side, As If It’s Your Last gets everything right. From the brash, exciting verses to the thrilling, roller-rink-ready chorus, the track feels like a fully-realized whole, with each element building on the last to create feel-good pop bliss. (full review)

1. Playing With Fire (2016)

A real torch song of a K-pop dance track, Playing With Fire harnesses the popular tropical house sound in a compelling way. It remains the best example of BLACKPINK as pop vocalists, with their arresting tones driving much of the song. And though the chorus may feel simple, it has a dynamic energy that really makes the track soar. (full review)