The Wall Of Moms Sue Trump For Tear Gassing Them

The Wall of Moms is suing several agencies in the Trump administration for using tear gas against them during their peaceful Portland protest.

Via The Washington Post:
A group of five women and two organizations, including longtime Black Lives Matter protesters and the yellow-clad Wall of Moms group that assembles nightly to stand between protesters and federal law enforcement officers, filed a lawsuit alleging that several agencies — the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Federal Protective Service — have violated their constitutional rights of free speech, assembly and due process and against unreasonable seizures.

The agencies named in the lawsuit have deployed agents to protect the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse from a nightly barrage of fireworks and projectiles, including water bottles, canned food and paint, during demonstrations against police violence, racial inequity and what many in Portland have come to view as a federal occupation.

Trump has shown that there are only two things that will cause him to back down, media coverage and a barrage of lawsuits. Trump will ignore one or two lawsuits, which is why he should be hammered with dozens. Bad media coverage will bother him more than anything, so the press shouldn’t get distracted by whatever shiny object the President tosses at them and instead show the video on a loop of moms being tear-gassed.

Trump is going to be trying to save his presidency over the next 99 days, so there will be no low that he won’t sink to. The American people must be ready to fight this president on all fronts, including the courts, because true victory won’t be achieved until he is defeated in November.