Transfix and project44 team up for a strategic partnership

Earlier this week, Transfix, a New York-based logistics technology services provider that streamlines shipment data to better help shippers make informed decisions to optimize time and revenues, and project44, a Chicago-based technology services provider offering standardized, secure Web service API (application programming interfaces) integrations enabling 3PLs and shippers to connect with carriers in real time, said they are teaming up for a multi-year strategic partnership.

The objective of the partnership, the companies said, is to collaborate and innovate on logistics-focused transformative capabilities that benefit shippers and carriers.

“We’ve always been focused on solutions that work for the entire transportation and logistics ecosystem. Which is why it’s crucial we partner with providers like Transfix, known for both its innovations in freight and its unique network of high quality, trusted carriers,” said project44 Founder and CEO, Jett McCandless, in a statement. “With our initial ELD integration, we are solving a key pain point in the industry—for both shippers and carriers—that’s only been exacerbated by the pandemic. This is only the beginning, with many impactful joint solutions on the horizon.”

And John Langhoff, Head of Partnerships at Transfix, told LM that with the biggest challenge facing shippers and carriers today being COVID-19 related market uncertainty, improved shipment visibility is a crucial factor enabling optimized supply chain planning.

“Transfix and project44 are both leaders in solving problems in logistics, leveraging technology and data science—this partnership was the logical next step in delivering joint solutions for the evolving needs of the marketplace,” he said.

Langhoff added that Transfix and project44 share a joint commitment to deliver technology solutions that empower both shippers and carriers.

“The goal of our partnership is to deliver on this promise by leveraging both our existing, innovative technology platforms and developing new, combined capabilities to transform the logistics industry,” he said. “Improved data insights and automation via our ELD integration is the first step of many we’re taking toward these ends.”

Transfix and project44’s ELD integration augments Transfix’s mobile app-based shipment tracking technology with ELD-based visibility powered by project44.

When asked about the main benefits of this integration, Langhoff said that with the current unprecedented levels of market uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to optimize manufacturing processes and inventory planning.

“Knowing exactly where a shipment is during transit allows shippers to most effectively allocate their scarce resources,” he said. “Carriers likewise benefit from augmented flexibility in tracking options by leveraging either our Transfix mobile-app based GPS or the p44-powered ELD integration; the latter option now offers additional dispatch automation with fewer driver check-calls along with predictive ETAs for shippers. This initial work together has only validated our ability to jointly solve supply chain challenges for the industry—the partnership with project44 comes at the perfect time and will only grow in scope and scale from here.”

Looking ahead, in regards to the next steps for this partnership, Langhoff said that this is a long-term strategic partnership and the companies’ future plans are to continue developing novel technology solutions that further the transformation of the logistics industry.

“Our joint business and technology teams are actively working on both demand and capacity-based innovations, which will enhance our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of supply chains,” he said.

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