Trump Lawyer David Schoen Ignites Online Fury After He Spews Vitriol and Threatens Senate With Allusion to the Civil War

David Schoen Spews Vitriol in Trump Impeachment Defense Opening

The Trump impeachment defense counsel’s second presentation, by attorney David Schoen, cut a strikingly different and angry tone on Tuesday afternoon. And the reactions online were correspondingly outraged by his vitriol aimed at the House Impeachment Managers and Schoen’s not-so-subtle implication the Senate trial could lead to a second civil war.

Schoen’s heated and aggressive argument, from the outset, contrasted with his co-counsel Bruce Castor’s wandering and often-befuddling opening statement. It didn’t take long for observers to point out Schoen’s ugly, implied threat to the Senate, his contradictory claim that the second Trump impeachment was both rushed and too slow, and his hypocritical attack on the House Democrats for using a “movie”-like video as evidence — just minutes before doing the same himself.

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