Trump Returns to Belligerent Tone While Pivoting to Post-Presidency With Boast of His Influence Over 75 Million Voters


Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

We now turn to Mediaite’s new segment we call “Tone Watch!

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The newest craze sweeping the nation?  Assessing the rhetorical tone of President Donald Trump!

Now that he’s admitted to leaving the White House on January 20th in a super sweet and heartfelt video message sent Thursday night, many are wondering, is this a new tone? Did Trump finally “become president: in the 11th hour of his term?! OR, was that message a performative and phony acting job designed to get those pesky 25th amendment invokers off his presidential back?!

It’s really impossible to know, but that’s why the game is so much fun! Well, there’s a new clue for political media analysts to devour.

In just the second Tweet after Twitter suspended him for ostensibly inciting an insurrection on the Capitol Building after his ironically titled “Save America Rally,” Trump appears to be more comfortable with a belligerent tone of power. Trump reminded his audience of the number of “American Patriots” who voted for him, calling their’s a “GIANT VOICE long into the future.”

Running this Tweet quickly through the Trump Translator 2000™ reveals the following message from Trump:

“I am still in charge of this political movement, not the establishment Republicans calling my followers’ domestic terrorists, even if they were.”

So there you have it! Trump is making a clear statement that he plans to stay in the political spotlight representing the oppositional side to the Biden Administration. This, of course, raises the question of is he right or not, will he stay the figurehead of the Republican Party? Find out the answer to that in our next program coming up, “Who Runs the GOP?!”

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