Trump Slams ‘Hapless’ Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Pressures Him to Use Emergency Powers to Uncover Election ‘Fraud’

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

President Donald Trump called on “hapless” Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to “use his emergency powers” to search for alleged 2020 election fraud in the state on Monday.

“Why won’t Governor @BrianKempGA, the hapless Governor of Georgia, use his emergency powers, which can be easily done, to overrule his obstinate Secretary of State, and do a match of signatures on envelopes,” questioned Trump on Twitter, claiming, “It will be a ‘goldmine’ of fraud, and we will easily WIN the state.”

“Also, quickly check the number of envelopes versus the number of ballots. You may just find that there are many more ballots than there are envelopes. So simple, and so easy to do,” he continued. “Georgia Republicans are angry, all Republicans are angry. Get it done!”

Business Insider senior politics reporter Grace Panetta soon pointed out to the president that Kemp “does not have this power,” and, “Signature matching already happened twice, first when the voter applied for the ballot and then the ballot was received.”

“Ballots w/ mismatched signatures that the voter does not cure are not counted and not included in this recount,” she explained, noting, “It’s impossible to do signature matching *again* because the ballots have already been separated from the envelopes with the voter’s name and signature on them. You just can’t trace back a ballot to a specific voter’s envelope after that separation.”

The Hill White House columnist Niall Stanage also tried to explain to the president.

Despite celebrating Kemp’s election as governor in 2018, Trump has repeatedly attacked him since narrowly losing to Joe Biden in the state during the 2020 presidential election.

“Georgia Secretary of State, a so-called Republican (RINO), won’t let the people checking the ballots see the signatures for fraud. Why? Without this the whole process is very unfair and close to meaningless,” complained Trump earlier this month. “Everyone knows that we won the state. Where is @BrianKempGA?”

In another post, responding to a report that Kemp’s approval rating was slipping, Trump commented, “Wow! Governor Kemp will hopefully see the light before it is too late.”

“Thousands of uncounted votes discovered in Georgia counties. When the much more important signature match takes place, the State will flip Republican, and very quickly. Get it done! @BrianKempGA,” the president declared in another.

Most recently, during a Sunday interview with Fox News, Trump said, “The governor’s done nothing. He’s done absolutely nothing. I’m ashamed that I endorsed him.”

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