Trump Takes to POTUS Account to Rail Against Ban — Twitter Takes Down (UPDATE: Team Trump Account Suspended)

unhappy donald trump

Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images.

President Donald Trump briefly surfaced on the @POTUS Twitter account to fire back at Twitter for permanently banning him from the platform.

In a tweet thread Friday night, Trump said, “As I have been saying for a long time, Twitter has gone further and further in banning free speech, and tonight, Twitter employees have coordinated with the Democrats and the Radical Left in removing my account from their platform, to silence me.”

He continued to rail against Section 230 and said, “We have been negotiating with various other sites, and will have a big announcement soon, while we also look at the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future.”

His tweets were also sent out in a statement to reporters on the ban:

But as soon as the tweets went out on @POTUS, they were very quickly taken down because of the president’s attempt to circumvent the ban — as they told NBC News earlier in the night:

UPDATE: After the @TeamTrump account sent out the statement as well, they got suspended too.

UPDATE: A Trump campaign official also got suspended:

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