60+ March Social Media Ideas – Images, Videos, GIFs and more!

Looking for creative March social media ideas? This post is packed with Social Media Holidays for March 2021, with plenty of social image and video ideas, GIFs, posting ideas and more! 


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Now you can create a post quickly for any day of the week in March in 2021. I’ve even included DIY Design and video tools, plus video ideas to help you create short, social videos. And GIFs too!  Don’t stick to static content – animate it with GIFs and videos.

There are social media holidays for each day of the week. And of course, our March social media ideas also include popular and international holidays, as well as more unusual holidays and days of celebrations. Dozens of ideas for you, ready to go… 60+ in fact, all for the month of March in 2021.

What Comes With our March Social Media Ideas?

The following is included in this post full of 2021 March Social Media Ideas:

  • an easy quick reference guide to social media holidays for March.  It includes some of the most popular days to remember in a handy infographic, so please feel free to share it.
  • an overview of March social media ideas. It includes what you can create and how to create it. The focus is on social video and GIFs but you can use these ideas for images too!
  • a list of resources and tools to help you create visuals for Social Media Holidays. Don’t forget to use our Social Media Content Calendar to help you get your content prepped ahead of time!

Tips for Creating March Content Ahead of Time (the easy way!)

Creating content can be dang hard! It takes time and seems like a job that never ends. But, if you take the time to schedule ahead and use a few time hacks, you’ll find it be so much easier than you think – and get a month-s worth of content created and scheduled. In no time at all!

Here are my tips for getting it done, quickly and easily:

  1. Use templates. The tools I’ve recommended below all use templates to help you create your finished content from our March social media ideas. Use a template and let it guide your designs and edits. If you’re not a designer, save yourself some time creating and editing when it will take you hours.  Instead, use a template that a designer has already produced for you to make it easy! Cut straight to editing the template – and limit your edits to just the text or photo or color or fonts. Don’t “over-edit” the template or you’ll ruin the nuances of the design (sorry, but this is one of the biggest mistakes I see, and that goes for me too!). 
  2. Use batching. If you’re going to get creative and create some social videos or images, why not create more than one? Whether it’s another 2, 3, 10 or 20 short videos or images, the point here is that it is much easier to create a batch of content in one sitting rather than individual videos or images at separate times. If your computer is on, the software is open, keep creating. It saves you loads of time.
  3. Create short videos to post on social media – On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, short videos that are 15-30 seconds are enough (maybe up to 1 minute). These types of videos are designed to stop us scrolling through our feeds but not too long to lose our interest.  For more advice about how to create effective 15 second videos, check out this post.
  4. Create content that is easily consumed. As I said, we like to scroll through our feed, so content like quotes, tips, observational humour, quick how-to videos work great for engagement. This is especially true on Facebook where people are, as I said, scrolling a lot. They need to be able to consume your content quickly and move on.
  5. Leverage the power of GIFs.  You might think of GIFs as some fun, novelty thing, but they can be quite powerful in social media comments, emails, blog posts, and more. GIFs add humour and personality to your content. Whether you create your own GIFs (see tips below) or you use the millions of GIFs in the Giphy library, adding a GIF to your content can stand out and add some sass or laughs to the mix. It can also bring really bring home the point you are trying to make with a visual.

Quick Guide Infographic for March Social Ideas & Holidays

Here’s a quick reference guide to some of the most popular March social media ideas and holidays so you don’t miss them. Share it or save it to Pinterest to refer to later.

Want the see the complete 2021 Social Media Holiday Infographic? Click here.

Tips for using these March Social Media Ideas for 2021

  1. Create images or social videos based around the holiday or day. Create a Top 5 list, produce a how-to video, go behind the scenes to share your business or team (related to the holiday in question), post a tutorial, or create a short quote video. Get creative with it! Is it World Grammar Day? Make a grammar pun post or ask your audience about their anecdotes with the ‘Grammar Police’. Maybe they are the ‘Grammar Police’ themselves! Use a video tool like Wave to help you create social videos. .
  2. Create a fun GIF to celebrate the holiday in question (or poke fun at it).  Don’t feel like creating a GIF? Instead, share a GIF direct from Giphy.
  3.  Create an image to celebrate the holiday – it could be a quote, saying, meme, tip of the day, engaging photo that highlights the celebration day. Pair the image with text overlay to add context.
  4. Use some of the templates added to this post! They are free to use with a Canva Pro account or you can trial Canva Pro for free for 45 days on this link.

Ok, let’s do this. We’ve included more tools and tips below so you can jump in and create March content:

Remember, there’s at least one holiday “day” for every day in this list of March social media ideas and holidays.

Look out for the hashtags, tools, tips and resources to help you create visual content in 2021. This post will be updated annually to adjust the dates and days of celebration for each month, but we suggest you also check the calendar date before posting. We may miss one from time to time. 

We’ll also add content if we discover something we’ve missed. Keep it bookmarked to refer back to.

1. Peanut Butter Lovers Day) – #PeanutButtterLovers

Share your favourite peanut butter recipe!

2. Old Stuff Day #OldStuffDay – a good day to talk about #ThrowBackThursday posts or nostalgia or retro things!

It’s also Dr Seuss Day. So break out your best Dr Seuss quote!

3. World Wildlife Day – #WorldWildlifeDay

A great source of GIFs around animals and wildlife is the Giphy channel for the @sandiegozoo and wildlife park.  They have a lot of great fun, GIFs that can be used for every occasion. They also do GIF Stories like this one and this one(including fun memes).

Or use this template to share on your socials:

4. National Grammar Day – #NationalGrammarDay

Why not create a video highlighting some common, funny, or just plain irritating grammar mistakes. Here’s one that I created with Wave to help those that persist in using They’re, There, Their incorrectly in sentences.

It’s tongue-in-cheek and of course, it doesn’t cover every scenario that these words can be used in.. but if someone doesn’t understand their (not there) use, it can sure help! 

Video created with Wave.

Feel free to share it or create your own using one of Wave’s templates. Maybe you have another grammatical error that you are sick of seeing. Make a funny video about it!

While we’re talking about Grammar, Merriam Webster is a dictionary, repeat dictionary and they manage to have some of the most awesome and witty social media accounts on the web (and a very witty funny account). I’m not surprised that they also have a Giphy channel.

As you can see, they have a great sense of humour:

See more GIFs by Merriam Webster here.

It’s also National Snack Day. If you were to indulge in snacks, or post about your favourite snack… today would be the day.

5. National Absinthe Day – #NationalAbsintheDay … if you’re game!

It’s also the National Day of Unplugging (first Friday in March). Being a Friday this year, it’s the perfect time to switch off those devices and enjoy the weekend unplugged too! Use #nationaldayofunplugging #unplug – find out more on this website or on the Instagram account. 

If you have an employee (or more than one!) remember that today is Employee Appreciation Day. Be a good boss and show them you care, and if you’re an employee… celebrate your fellow employees. Post something about your awesome employees and why you love them!

6. National Dress Day – #NationalDressDay – Find out more on this website. And yes it’s about the celebration of dresses. Post your favourite dress on #DressDay.

7. National Be Heard Day – #BeHeardDay

8. International Women’s Day – Use #IWD and #IWD2021 focusing on the belief (truth!) that “Women’s rights are human rights!”” in 2021. The theme for this year is Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World’.

Why not share a quote from your favourite inspirational woman. From your Mum to Maya Angelou, share some inspirational wisdom with your audience!

9. National Meatball Day  – #NationalMeatballDay & National Napping Day #NationalNappingDay. Today is all about napping. Share some cool or interesting or humorous content around sleep.

Time for a lunchtime nap? And while you do, it might be time to get over whatever is bugging you (or remind your audience to). Today is National Get Over It Day. #GetOverItDay

GIF from Socially Sorted on Giphy

10. Pack Your Lunch Day – #PackYourLunchDay

11. Dream Day – #DreamDay – posts about this could go a number of ways. What are your dreams this year? What do dreams for x, y and z actually mean. Get creative!

It’s also Popcorn Lover’s Day. Break out the movies and popcorn!

12. Alfred Hitchcock Day – #AlfredHitchcock or #AlfredHitchcockDay. Get content ideas here.

It’s also Girl Scout Day, the day to commemorate the birthday of the Girl Scout Organisation, when in 1912, Juliette Gordon Low founded the very first girl troop of scouts with 18 girl members in Savannah, Georgia. Use #GirlScoutDay.

And it’s Popcorn Lover’s Day too! #PopcornLoversDay

13. Today is National Good Samaritan Day. Share your favourite good samaritan story! #GoodSamaritan

Use my template free with a Canva Pro account or get 45 days free on Canva Pro here.

14. Pi Day – use #PiDay which is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π.

Daylight Saving starts today in the US.

15. Peanut Lover’s Day – #PeanutLovers prepare to post about all things Peanut (if you didn’t have your fill on March 1 for Peanut Butter Lover’s Day).

It’s also National Napping Day.

16. National Freedom of Information Day – #FreedomOfInformation

It’s also (and brace yourself for the cuteness) Panda Day. This day is run by the World Wildlife Federation and you can find out more here.

17. St Patrick’s Day – #StPatricksDay

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day by creating something fun using the video and GIF tools below. Or use these this template:

March social media ideas for this article wouldn’t be the same without the luck of the Irish!

Use this GIF in your comments and replies for St Patrick’s Day or add it as an FB post.

18. Awkward Moments Day – #AwkwardMoments – Celebrated on March 18 every year, National Awkward Moments Day is about celebrating the awkward and embarrassing moments that are part of our life which DO happen (let’s not pretend they don’t!).

19. National Let’s Laugh Day -#LetsLaughDay

It’s also World Sleep Day #WorldSleepDay (held on the Friday before the March Equinox, annually).

March really is the month of sleep with National Napping Day and World Sleep Day being just a few days apart. Maybe we need a week to sleep?

If you can stay awake long enough with all this sleep talk going on, why not post a TED Talk like this with some fascinating facts about our sleep cycles:

20. World Storytelling Day – #WorldStorytellingDay

You can’t go past a good book or author quote on World Storytelling Day. And you can’t go past J. K. Rowling as one of the world’s best Storytellers.

This quick visual (and musical) quote is made from a template in Wave. Just search for “Quotes” in Wave’s template library.

It’s also the International Day of Happiness. A great day to post about happiness and fulfilment. #DayofHappiness.

21. International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination #RacialDescriminationDay

It’s also World Poetry Day – celebrate your favourite poet from Maya Angelou to Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare and Robert Burns. Or maybe a more recent emerging poet like Amanda Gorman who shared a moving poem at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration in the US.

22. World Water Day – #WorldWaterDay. Find out more here.

23. National Puppy Day – #NationalPuppyDay. It’s also World Meteorological Day.

24. National Cocktail Day -#NationalCocktailDay

25.Tolkien Reading Day – #TolkienReadingDay.

Today is a great day to share a quote from one of JK Tolkien’s books. You’ll find plenty of words to choose from in the Lord of the Rings series alone.

It’s also Waffle Day #WaffleDay.

26. Nougat Day – #NougatDay – find out more about this yummy sweet’s day here.

It’s also Purple Day #PurpleDay.

27. National Quirky Song Titles Day – Find out more about this quirky day here.

It’s also World Theatre Day – use the hashtag #WorldTheatreDay.

And don’t forget to help our Mother Earth, as today is Earth Hour #EarthHour, so it’s time to commit to No Power, One Hour on Saturday 27th March.

28. National Blackforest Cake Day – #BlackforestCake.

And if you’re a foodie, you’ll love this day of celebration – Something on a Stick Day. Think about all the creative foods you can post about that begin with a stock or are presented on a stick – sweet and savoury.

29. National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day – #MomandPopBusiness

30. National Doctor’s Day –  #DoctorsDay. After the year or so that we have had, acknowledging the hard work of our Doctor’s would be a timely thing to do on this day.

It’s also National Take a Walk in the Park Day. Take the dogs and the humans outside.

31. International Transgender Day of Visibility – #TransDayofVisibility

It’s also World Backup Day. You should always have a backup-plan… and back-up data too! Remind your audience to back up their data today! #WorldBackupDay

That’s all the daily days of celebration in March, 2021. Let’s take a look at some of the monthly and weekly events you can post about:

Here’s a quick list of a few month-long holidays to dive into for March social media ideas:

  • National Cheerleading Week – starting March 1st.
  • Peace Corps Week – starting March 1st.
  • American Red Cross Month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • Dolphin Awareness Month
  • Women’s History Month
  • National Craft Month
  • National Caffeine Awareness Month
  • Worldwide Home Schooling Awareness Month
  • National Peanut Month
  • National Kidney Month

Video and GIF Tools for Creating Video Content

There are loads of visuals you can create for March. As well as some of the image templates I’ve provided, check out the following social video and GIFs tips to help you create content.

These are tools that I love and use every day so I’ve kept it to the ones I know you can learn to use easily. And of course, if you don’t have time, share some of the content I’ve added above!

1. Wave.Video

Wave is one of my favorite tools for creating social video quickly and easily. The things I love about Wave are the template library, massive selection of image and video assets (included in your monthly membership), moveable text to overlay on your videos and the ability to add GIF stickers and stickers to your content. Did I say that I love GIFs?

They also have a huge audio library so you’ll never be stuck for a song to use in your videos. In fact the only issue is that sometimes there are too many to choose from!

But trust me, you will find what you need in Wave. Here’s a review of Wave that I wrote below (click the image) and if you click through you’ll see a full walkthrough video:

2. Giphy

Giphy is hands down the best source online for finding GIFs to share on your social channels. Their library is big!  Go to the Giphy website and search on hashtags for the GIFs (or GIF Stickers) you want to find. Get creative with hashtag combinations and all sorts of GIF gems will come up.

I have a branded Giphy Channel (Socially Sorted) and will be sharing my GIFs in these monthly posts so take a look there from time to time to see what you can share too.

Hot Tip:  You can access any of the Giphy creations via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram Stories! Use the Giphy/GIF search to search by hashtag for the type of GIF you want and then select it. Because I have a Giphy Channel you can actually search on #SociallySorted on Instagram Stories or Twitter or Facebook to find and share any of my GIFs (Facebook, Instagram Stories, Twitter) as well as my  GIF Stickers too (Instagram Stories only). I believe they are also accessible on Snapchat.

You can also create GIFs in Giphy too. They have a full creation studio. Find out more about creating GIFs in this post.

Find out more about using GIF Stickers on Instagram in this post.

3. Create your own GIFs in Easil.

I use Easil to create many of my GIFs. There are a few tools that allow you to animate simple text, but the beauty of Easil is that you can take any element, graphic or font and turn it into a GIF. 

Here’s a simple template I edited in Easil to turn into the moving St Patrick’s Day GIF you see above.

All I did was copy the main design, change a few elements to make them bigger or smaller (or change the color) and then publish as a repeating GIF at fast speed:

Want more Social Media Content Calendar ideas?

Check out our complete 12-month calendar for 2020 in this post:

 Over to You

Do you schedule your content ahead? What are your Favourite March Social Media holidays and have we missed any? 

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