AAA Rips Tow Truck Driver Who Refused to Aid Biden Supporter: ‘We Stand For Community And For Our Members’

The American Automobile Association publicly denounced a tow truck driver who went viral for refusing service to a supporter of President-elect Joe Biden — and announced the driver will no longer tow for the association.

As is more and more frequently the case these days, the entire drama played out on social media, across multiple platforms. A TikTok user posted viral video of a tow truck driver, claiming the man had refused to tow them because their car was festooned with Biden’s name.

That video was, in turn, posted to Twitter, where it quickly went viral on Monday.

The video doesn’t actually show the man refusing the tow or referencing the sticker, but it caught the attention of the AAA Twitter account, which went on to confirm the story and rip the driver’s behavior.

“At AAA, we stand for community and for our members. AAA does not tolerate this type of behavior,” the company wrote. “The tow truck driver at River’s Edge Automotive and Towing has been disciplined by River’s Edge management.”

They went on to add that “AAA is working with River’s Edge to ensure this type of behavior does not happen again. We deeply regret the experience and inconvenience to the member.”

Several hours later, AAA announced the driver would no longer tow for their members.

“The Rivers Edge Automotive and Towing driver will no longer be working with AAA. We deeply regret the experience and inconvenience to the member. We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming experience for our Members,” the company wrote.

President-elect Biden was declared the victor over President Donald Trump by most major outlets on Saturday, although Trump has this far refused to concede.

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