After D.C. MAGA March, ‘ANTIFA and BLM’ Trends as Videos of Violent Confrontations Spread on Social Media

Supporters of President Donald Trump confront counter-protesters during a pro-Trump rally on November 14, 2020. (Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP via Getty.)

Following the huge rally of supporters of President Donald Trump in D.C. on Saturday, incidents of violence broke out around the city as the marchers began to disperse and were confronted by counter-protesters. The phrase “ANTIFA and BLM” quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

In most cases, the only identification of the involved parties is from the individuals sharing the video from the scene. But in general, the videos were part of the trending “ANTIFA and BLM” topic on Twitter, which later became just a trending topic for “Antifa.”

Throughout the day there were various reports of confrontations and even scuffles, including between the militant far right group The Proud Boys and groups carrying Antifa flags and gear. As the day turned into evening, and the crowd began to disperse, the scuffles involved smaller groups, but a great deal more direct violence.

Counter-protesters specifically targeted the hotels where large groups of MAGA March participants were staying.

Townhall’s Julio Rosas, formerly of Mediaite, caught some of the most viral footage during the aftermath of the march.

Here’s more from Phillip Nieto, of Daily Caller and also formerly of Mediaite.

And from Joe Kalil at NewsNation.

A number of videos have gone viral from non-Verified accounts. The Verification process has been closed to new users for some time, and the blue check press haven’t shared many videos, so here are some of the ones that went viral.

Although some face-offs appear to still be going on in some locations, overall police have begun to restore order.

The news in the last hour the news has spread from social media to the Washington Post and other publications.

There were many reporters, crews, and photojournalists on scene throughout the day, and those reports may show up more on cable and elsewhere overnight and into Sunday.

UPDATE: The situation has escalated.

We’ll keep monitoring and update this post if needed.

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