Anthony Hopkins Applauded on Twitter For Inspirational Message Celebrating 45 Years of Sobriety

Anthony Hopkins Sober

Rich Polk/Getty Images

Anthony Hopkins is being praised on social media as he celebrates 45 years of sobriety.

On Tuesday, the 82-year-old actor shared an uplifting Twitter video to commemorate the major milestone in his recovery from alcohol addiction.

Hopkins began his video by acknowledging that 2020 has been “a tough year, full of grief and sadness for many, many, many people,” but went on to share an inspiring message.

“45 years ago today, I had a wake-up call,” he said. “I was headed for disaster, I was drinking myself to death. I’m not preachy, but I got a message. A little thought that said, ‘Do you want to live or die?’ And I said, ‘I want to live.’”

The Silence of the Lambs star continued, “And suddenly the relief came and my life has been amazing. I have my off days and sometimes little bits of doubt and all that. All in all, I say hang in there.”

Hopkins offered words of encouragement to those struggling with sobriety, saying, “Today is the tomorrow you were so worried about yesterday. Young people, don’t give up. Just keep in there. Keep fighting. Be bold. Mighty forces will come to your aid. That’s sustained me through my life.”

The actor ended his message by wishing everyone a happy new year and declaring that 2021 is “going to be the best year.”

Hopkins received widespread praise on social media after sharing his heartfelt message. Among those saluting the actor were celebrities such as comedienne Kathy Griffin, actresses Patricia Heaton, Mayim Bialik, Natasha Lyonne, Lea Thompson, Maureen McCormick, and Elizabeth Perkins, rockers Paul Stanley and Nils Lofgren, novelist Marian Keyes, and actor Treat Williams.

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