Ben Stiller and Fox News’ Janice Dean Get Into Heated Twitter Exchange Over Plans for Gov. Cuomo’s Virtual Birthday Celebration

Ben Stiller Janice Dean

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Ben Stiller and Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean got into a testy Twitter exchange over plans for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s virtual birthday celebration. Fortunately, however, the two made up by the end of their back-and-forth spat.

Over the weekend, Dean shared a screenshot of an invitation for a virtual birthday and holiday reception being held in Cuomo’s honor, with special guests Stiller, Robert De Niro, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez and Henry Winkler.

“Restaurants closing, kids out of school, families losing loved ones and livelihoods but @NYGovCuomo is going to celebrate his birthday with his celebrity friends and raise thousands of dollars for himself,” Dean wrote, adding “shame on” all the celebrities involved.

Dean added in a subsequent tweet, “PS for all of you defenders saying “but but it’s virtual!” the point was NOT about the event itself. It’s that @NYGovCuomo continues to raise money for himself while others are struggling to provide for their families.”

In a since-deleted tweet, Stiller responded to being called out. “Nothing wrong with supporting a politician,” he wrote. “As you know the current president has been soliciting hundreds of millions to overturn the election, not for COVID relief. You wrote a book about spreading sunshine apparently.. You don’t like the Governor. I do. Don’t be divisive. Bye.”

Ben Stiller Tweet

Dean, who’s been critical of Gov. Cuomo’s state directive that sent thousands of Coivd patients to nursing homes, went on say Cuomo’s policies helped “kill my husband’s parents.”

Stiller then deleted his tweet and extended his condolences.

Dean responded, “It seems as though it’s ok for you to criticize Trump (and those who support him) and for me to not criticize a man (and those who support him) who’s bad decisions lead to the deaths of thousands of seniors. I am sorry for your loss as well and all the best to you.”

Stiller wrote back by apologizing “for being ignorant” of Dean’s circumstance, and noted he would have kept quiet if he knew about her family’s situation.”

Dean accepted the actor’s apology, adding, “I appreciate your reply and the kindness that came with it.”

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