Bobby Moynihan Says Trump Was a Big Fan of His Racist SNL Character Drunk Uncle: The ‘Dumb Idiot Didn’t Get It’

Trump Drunk Uncle


Donald Trump apparently didn’t understand that the audience isn’t meant to laugh with Saturday Night Live’s Drunk Uncle.

Bobby Moynihan, the former SNL star who played the unabashedly racist character on Weekend Update, recalled doing Drunk Uncle on the 2015 episode hosted by Trump.

During the bit, Drunk Uncle came out wearing a “Make America Drunk Again” hat and shouted, “It’s Trump time, baby!” before declaring that someone was “finally saying” the things that he had been “thinking… and also saying.”

Moynihan told The Daily Beast that Trump didn’t understand he was the butt of the joke.

“I think that was one of the last Drunk Uncles I did,” noted the comedian. “And I remember thinking, this is one of the only things in the show that’s actually really bad-mouthing him and pointing out how racist and terrible he is. And he walked up to me afterwards and I’m like, oh no. And he shook my hand. And he was like, ‘Thank you so much. That was so nice to hear such nice things being said.’ And I was like, you moron.”

Moynihan added, “I was like, no, you idiot, I thought you were going to be mad and you’re not. And now I’m mad that you’re not mad.”

When asked if Trump’s favorable reaction to Drunk Uncle made him feel differently about doing the character, Moynihan said, “No, I mean, it didn’t change anything other than the fact that that dumb idiot didn’t get it.”

As for Trump’s 2015 hosting gig, Moynihan acknowledged that the former president “was not the worst host” he had to deal with at SNL, but “he was just delusional.”

“He did something completely wrong [in a taped sketch] and they were like, ‘Cut! Hey, you did that wrong,’” explained Moynihan. “And he was like, ‘No, I didn’t.’ And, and they were like, ‘Yes, you did.’ And he was like, ‘No, I didn’t, roll back the tape.’ He tried to prove it. And they did, they showed it to him and he was like, ‘I like it better that way.’”

Moynihan concluded, “The vibe felt like a bratty, rich child.”

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