Chicago Teachers Union Board Member Roasted for Posting Extravagant Covid Vacation Pics After Calling Classrooms ‘Unsafe’

Stories of rule makers not following their own rules were big topic at the end of 2020, from lawmakers taking vacations they demand others forego to governors and mayors stepping out while making moral pronouncements about how everyone else should stay in. And into that environment, a Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) official stepped into the spotlight in the last few days for an extravagant getaway of her own.

WGN aired the story on Thursday night, comparing executive board member Sarah Chambers tweeting about it being unsafe to return to classrooms on the same day she was sharing photos of herself on a Caribbean vacation, maskless and poolside, to her now locked Instagram account.

From WGN:

As recently as Thursday, she tweeted to rally special education teachers not to return to work Monday because it’s unsafe.

Just a few hours earlier, Chambers posted a picture on Instagram that appears to show her pool side in Puerto Rico and talking about going to Old San Juan for seafood.

The story picked up plenty of traction online.

Look at these numbers.

The New York Post‘s Karol Markowicz added it to a thread full of similar instances of saying one thing and doing another, dating all the way back to August.

The theme carried on in the massive number of tweets and retweets of the story.

It does seem to be a persistent theme, doesn’t it?

Watch the clip above, via WGN.

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