CNN Continues Big Demo Streak in Tuesday Night Ratings, Maddow Beats Tucker in Prime Time

For the second straight night, MSNBC beat Fox News and CNN to get the most viewers during prime time Tuesday – thanks largely to big audience turnout for Rachel Maddow – while CNN continued its streak of winning the most viewers in the coveted A25-54 demographic.

MSNBC averaged 2.8 million viewers in prime time, but the fewest in the demo, 393,000. Fox News had the second-most total viewers, 2.66 million, and 409,000 in the demo. CNN had the fewest total viewers, 2.14 million, but had significantly more demo viewers than its competitors, with 500,000 in prime time.

The Rachel Maddow Show had the most viewers in all of cable news, with 3.49 million total and 495,000 in the demo. Tucker Carlson Tonight had the second-most total viewers, 3.15 million, and 435,000 in the demo. Hannity, guest-hosted by conservative commentator Tammy Bruce, had the third-most total viewers, 2.72 million, and 414,000 in the demo. Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo helped CNN win the most demo viewers in prime time; Anderson Cooper 360 had 2.08 million total viewers, and 485,000 in the demo, while Cuomo Prime Time had 2.54 million viewers and a whopping 569,000 in the demo — the most demo viewers for the day in all of cable news.

Morning Joe on MSNBC continued to get the most total viewers in the morning, with 1.38 million, and 195,000 in the demo. Fox and Friends had fewer total viewers, 1.25 million, but won the demo with 221,000 younger viewers. New Day on CNN had the fewest total viewers, 722,000, and the fewest in the demo, with 176,000.

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