Dan Abrams Warns There’s Now a ‘Tiny Chance’ Trump Could ‘Steal This Election’

Dan Abrams Sirius XM Radio Show

ABC chief legal analyst and SiriusXM radio host Dan Abrams warned that he thinks that there is now a “tiny chance” that President Donald Trump could “steal this election.”

During a discussion on SiriusXM POTUS radio show, Abrams explained how he has grown more alarmed by Trump’s ongoing efforts to undo his 2020 election loss.

“I have been saying for a week now that there’s nothing to worry about,” Abrams said, brushing off questions from friends and family who ask if Trump could really prevail. “My answer is always no.”

But no longer.

“I am starting to think that there is a tiny chance that he will successful steal this election, tiny, less than five percent,” Abrams conceded.

“For the first term I am seriously conspiring the possibility that he’s going to be able tot steal the election. And it’s not because of the legal fights, let’s be clear,” he added, detailing several of the Trump campaign’s fruitless and nuisance lawsuits.

“Crazy arguments, right, but they still can’t do what the president is doing, which is just sending out wackadoodle stuff,” Abrams noted before pointing to Trump’s latest conspiracy theory, which has been thoroughly debunked, that a voting system used by many states either deleted or switched millions of votes.

“If this were true, it could change the election, right?” Abrams said. “But there’s a reason they’re not arguing this in court. this is a conspiracy theory that has been debunked repeatedly.”

“But, of course, that doesn’t stop the president from saying it. Truth isn’t the issue,” Abrams said, before returning to the rhetorical question about his slight change of heart on Trump’s chances. “So, Dan, why are you saying that you are becoming at least a little concerned he’s going to try and steal the election ”

“Language from Pennsylvania lawmakers makes me very nervous,” Abrams explained, citing a report that two of the state’s top legislators are now mulling a more assertive role in choosing the state’s electors — one that might take a “faithless electors” route, which would disregard Biden’s state popular vote win and back Trump instead because they consider the vote totals to be in dispute. “If Pennsylvania can get thrown into disarray, then the game changes.”

“Here’s the problem,” Abrams warned, noting that the same legislators who had previously sworn off any state legislative role in appointing electors were now caveating their previous declaration with the disclaimer “under normal circumstances.”

“That is astonishing,” Abrams said. “Why are you hedging? President Trump and his allies are getting to these guys. This is pure corruption. This would be an all-out effort to steal the election.”

“I am concerned for the first time that an effort to steal the election going into the Electoral College could theoretically succeed,” he concluded. “I think it very unlikely, but last week I would’ve told you here was no chance. This week, I will say that it’s very, very unlikely.”

Listen to the audio above, via SiriusXM, Channel 124.

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