GOP Congressman Slams Mark Levin Over Calling Him A ‘Reckless Politician’: ‘Godfather Of Outrage For Profit’

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) fired back at Fox News host Mark Levin Thursday morning after Levin took a series of potshots at the Republican legislator over him being a vocal critic of President Donald Trump.

Levin, who was once a “NeverTrump” supporter, began the war of words by tweeting early Thursday morning that Kinzinger was a “reckless politician.”

“Adam Kinzinger is very devious and reckless politician. He was elected as a Tea Party candidate 10 years ago and quickly turned on them,” the Fox News host tweeted. “He is now an activist for the administrative state and against constitutionalists.”

Levin proceeded to take additional swings at Kinzinger.

“Unsurprisingly, he’s celebrated by the Dem-Party media. His attack on those earnestly trying to fix what the Dems broke during this election cycle & their efforts to prevent further usurpations of the Constitution (as they’ve announced their intentions), is unconscionable,” Levin added.

“He should be defeated at the ballot box in the next Republican primary. Then he can join CNN or MSNBC as a full-time, conservative-trashing contributor,” Levin concluded.

Yet Kinzinger wasn’t going to let the big-time conservative talk radio host’s words go without a response.

“Mark is The Godfather of ‘outrage for profit.’ For some reason he has been obsessed with me for a while,” Kinzinger fired back.

In recent days, Levin has touted his departure from Facebook and continues to be an outspoken supporter of Trump’s legal efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

And how could one forget that Levin wants Trump to be honored with a ‘ticker-tape parade.”

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