Group Futurista presents: Unlocking Critical Logistics Amidst the Pandemic Webinar

LogisticsMatter is Media Partner for the Group Futurista webinar “Unlocking Critical Logistics Amidst the Pandemic“.

The webinar, which will be held tomorrow and will focus on what companies can do to stay ahead of the game in these challenging times, by optimizing their logistics through innovations like the Internet of Things and Robotic Process Automation.

Roambee, Mars, and Dow

In the first session Roambee’s Vice President and Managing Director Europe Santosh Takoor will talk about the evolution of Internet of Things technology and how it can improve visibility in the supply chain.

In the second session, Royal Canin and Mars’ Nordic Supply Chain Director Jeff Johansson will talk about how companies can minimize risk in their supply chains and better inform their customers by implementing autonomous customer service using Robotic Process Automation.

The webinar will end with a panel session. Dow Europe’s Supply Chain Director Peter Marshall will join Santosh Takoor and Jeff Johansson to discuss how companies can unlock critical logistics amidst the pandemic.

Supply Chain Visibility in Times of Crisis

Group Futurista describes the event as follows:

In the current COVID crisis, leading organizations are starting to pivot and shift from response to recovery. Real-time visibility has become a game-changer for the complex supply chains however, the enterprises continue to lack true end-end supply chain visibility. In order to deal with disruptions and lack of information, it has become evident that end-end visibility and digitalization are crucial.

Keeping these factors in mind, we are collaborating with Roambee to bring you a Futurecast on ‘how to unlock critical logistics at scale with visibility amidst the pandemic’. In this Futurecast our experts will walk you through how to stay in control of goods and assets with purposefully built sensor hardware, cloud data analytics, and automation – for reliable monitoring and response – indoors, outdoors, and in-transit thereby bringing an end to end visibility to your supply chain and logistics challenges.

Those interested in joining the webinar can register here.