How To Keep Your Gym Profitable Amid Covid-19

As more people become more health-conscious, fitness has skyrocketed into a $100 billion industry. Unfortunately, its future is up in the air due to the global pandemic. 

Loyal gym buffs have opted to stay at home because of nationwide lockdowns. While businesses are reopening, many are steering clear of gyms and opting to exercise in their home. 

Now, how can you keep your gym afloat amid Covid-19? Here are some ways local gyms can survive the pandemic. 

1. Conduct Weekly Live Stream Workout Sessions

People may be exercising by tuning in to workout routines on Youtube. Yet, this hasn’t stopped people’s need to bond with their local fitness community and fellow gym buffs. 

A good tip is to offer to host weekly live stream workout sessions and launch workout videos to ensure patrons will keep their gym memberships. These interactive sessions will help individuals who need the motivation to achieve their fitness goals and stay sane while spending more time indoors. 


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2. Launch an Equipment Rental Service

The pandemic hasn’t stopped people’s willingness to stay fit. Many want to workout, but they prefer to stay indoors. 

Instead of leaving your gym equipment to rust, consider launching an equipment rental service. Numerous customers don’t have access to gym equipment at home and don’t have the money to spend hundreds of dollars on a Peloton so launching a rental service is a lucrative initiative. 

You can even offer free equipment rentals in exchange for maintaining the gym membership. This tactic ensures that you have a constant stream of loyal patrons even when the pandemic subsides. 


As a bonus, if you’re hosting workout sessions, you can simultaneously advertise equipment rentals to ensure that interested clients will have the resources to join. 

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3. Create a Virtual Community 

For some, going into the gym isn’t as simple as getting on a treadmill and losing their target number of calories. Instead, working out is an opportunity to bond and gain inspiration for their fitness journey. After all, participating in yoga or cycling sessions are more fun if you have a friend by your side.

Bearing this in mind, consider launching a virtual community for local fitness enthusiasts through Facebook. This way, people can share their fitness struggles and victories, or fight against loneliness amid quarantine. 


To spice up your community, consider hosting giveaways, sharing success stories, and responding to comments.

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4. Share Inspiring Content 

When people start their fitness journey, they also search for resources about healthy diets and workouts that can help them lose calories at a much faster pace. 

With this in mind, create relevant content that can help members reach their fitness goals. Create educational blog posts and videos through the help of Fiverr content creators


Also, encourage members to share their workouts and tag your accounts on social media. While there are many success stories online, your local community will be motivated by hearing advice from people close to home.  

5. Offer Online Personal Training Sessions

Numerous personal trainers have struggled in this new age of social distancing. Yet, the rise of online communication technologies provides ample opportunities for personal trainers in your gym. 

Again, people still want to consult trainers, but they may prefer to stay indoors. As a comprise, let customers book personal trainers from your gym. If there aren’t enough clients in your area, virtual training lets trainers access a global clientele of fitness enthusiasts. 


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Keeping Your Gym Profitable Amid Covid-19 

Many gyms are on the verge of closing down due to the pandemic. However, creating a virtual community, hosting live streams, and offering online training sessions can help your business survive this economic downturn. 

Creating an online presence and promoting your new services comes with a lot of challenges. To reach your goals, consider hiring Fiverr marketers and virtual assistants to keep your business running.