January Social Media Ideas – Videos, GIFs and More

Need some January social media ideas? We’ve packed this article with Social Media Holidays throughout the entire month of January. Now you’re set with all the content you need for social media videos, GIFs and more in January 2021.


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Just in time for the new year in 2021, we’ve packed this blog post with national and international holidays for 31 Days of January. And for fun, we’ve also included some unusual and quirky days of celebration throughout January too. It’s all the ideas you need!

We’ve also added in some weekly and monthly ideas for extra inspiration. Don’t forget to check out the tools and ideas added at the end of this post – they’re perfect for creating visual content. We keep this post updated annually, but also suggest that you check all dates for validity. Some dates may be missed.

What’s Included with Your January Social Media Ideas

What to expect in this article packed with January Social Media Ideas:

  • Updated list of 2021 social media holidays for you to post about.
  • Your quick reference guide (plus handy infographic) is helpful for quick reference to social media ideas and holidays for the month of January.
  • January social media ideas – including how to create and share the content. Note that these posts are designed to focus primarily on social video and GIFs. And you can use most of the ideas for creating images as well as videos.
  • A list of bonus resources and tools to help you create social media holiday posts in January. Get busy creating awesome posts!

Check out the other monthly social media ideas posts in this series *being updated currently to 2020 dates and republished throughout 2021!

Tips for Quickly Creating January Content

Creating your January 2021 content doesn’t have to take days. If you schedule your content ahead, you can streamline the whole process. These suggestions will help and you’ll find it soooo much easier if you have a schedule sorted ahead of time.

Aim to get your next month prepped and ready to go – all of your January social media ideas wrapped into posts – prepped, scheduled and set to go. Use these video content tips to help:

  1. Use templates as your best friend: most visual content tools come with templates to help you create visuals. Use them and leverage them! You CAN easily design content from a bare canvas, but do you need to? Not necessarily when you can take advantage of templates! This is the best way to go for non-designers as it allows you to easily create pro-quality content. Just edit and customize the design and you’re good to go. And use this hot tip: focus on editing just one or two elements. It could be the text, photo/image, video, fonts or colors. if you change too many elements at once, you run the risk of ruining the design.
  2. Batch it! Don’t limit yourself to creating just one video or GIF at a time… do more than one. Batching is way more efficient vs creating visuals one-by-one. You’ve already opened up the design tool, so why not stay a while and create more than one visual.
  3. Make more social videos – from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram Stories, social videos are a powerful way to connect with your audience. Create short, social videos of 15-30 seconds. Built it up from there as you get more confident.
  4. Get to know your audience well. Do you know what they like to watch? what they engage with? Do they like how-to content, or behind-the-scenes content? Or maybe just fun, observational humor!
  5. Use GIFs got personality – You’ll discover millions of GIFs in Giphy’s massive online library. Or you can easily create your own! Animated GIFs can add a lot of personality to social media posts, emails, blog posts, messages and more. Just be sure that if you share Giphy GIFs directly from Giphy, that you give credit to the creator and tag them.

Use this quick reference guide to map out your January content in 2021. Share it now or you can save it for later reference. Or just save it to Pinterest!

How to use these January Social Media Ideas

  1. Create a video about the holiday or date you want to feature in 2021 – it could be a how-to video or even a video of fun facts or maybe a list video, tutorial or quote video. The only limit is your imagination! Is it JRR Tolkien Day? Share your favorite quote from Lord of the Rings.
  2. Create some fun GIFs around the holiday you want to post about. Or search on the Giphy library to find one to share.
  3. Create shareable images around the holiday date – it could be memes, images, quotes or a photo that reflects the day in question. Don’t be afraid to add a quote overlay – adding text adds context to your image.

Note: This post contains suggestions for January. We can’t include holidays in every world location so it is focused mainly on Australian and US-based holidays for now. Use this guide to start with – you can always add your own calendar of local events later.

Let’s dive into our January content ideas!

For each day of January, we’ve included one “day” or holiday. We’ve also suggested hashtags, tips, links tools, and resources for you to make it easier for you to create and share your January content.

1. New Year’s Day – January 1st starts the same way every year, with a celebration of a new year. Only in 2021, we’re celebrating a new decade too!

Add some fun New Year/New Decade stickers to your Instagram Stories. Like this one from

2. World Introvert Day – Use the hashtag #WorldIntrovertDay – a day for the celebration and appreciation of Introverts. Just maybe not in a large crowd or party.

It’s also Science Fiction Day – celebrated by millions of science fiction fans across the United States. 2nd January was chosen for this day as it corresponds with the birth date of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.

3. J R. R. Tolkien Day – a day to celebrate the literary works of this author with a vivid imagination. Celebrated annually on 3rd January (the day of his birth). Break out your Lord of the Rings quotes! #JRRTolkienDay

Think you know everything about Lord of the Rings movies?

4. World Braille Day – Today is #WorldBrailleDay, celebrated annually on Louis Braille’s birthday, the creator of the Braille alphabet for the blind.

It’s also National Trivia Day, held annually on the 4th January.

Try these Trivia facts if you are stuck for what to share!

5. National Bird Day – A day of awareness and protection of our beautiful birds worldwide, especially their protection against illegal smuggling and bird trade.

6. Technology Day – to celebrate the feats of technology (held every 6th January)

7. Tempura Day – Today is Tempura Day so why not share a fun fact about Tempura. Did you know that it has been considered a local delicacy in Nagisaki, Japan for over 100 years? or that tempura is actually a Portuguese form of cooking. It was introduced to Japan in the 1500’s by Jesuit Priests!

Want to see how it’s made? Or do you want to make your own?

8. Bubble Bath Day – If there ever was a day to slide back into the relaxing suds of a bubble bath (or post about it) today is the day. Held annually on January 8th, today is all about the bubble bath.

9. National Apricot Day (US) – Did you know that the word apricot means precious in latin. No wonder it’s one of the favorite stone fruits!

10. National Cut Your Energy Costs Day – observed January 10 every year, this day is to focus on renewable energy sources and cutting back our non-renewable energy.

11. Hot Toddy Day – the Hot Toddy is a delicious drink made with honey, lemon, hot water, and the spirit of your choice.

It’s also Clean off Your Desk Day – use the hashtag #CleanOffYourDeskDay and make the day to clean your desk or finish those pesky tasks or maybe post a before and after deskie photo!

12. Hot Tea Day – if the non-alcoholic hot drink is your preference, then today is hot tea day. Post about (or drink) your favorite type of hot tea!

13. Sticker Day – Who doesn’t love a fun sticker? We stick them proudly to our cars and our laptops. The first commercial self-adhesive label was made on January 13, 1907 by Ray Stanton Avery and his company Avery Dennison Corporation is still huge today with over 16,000 employees in 37 countries and sales in the billions. But it was European merchants in the 1880s that first worked out a way to stick labels to their products to promote goods and stock to passers-by. Find out more here.

14. Dress Up Your Pet Day – Need we say more about what you can do with this one! Just make sure your pet is on-board with the dress-up shenanigans! #DressUpYourPetDay

15. National Hat Day (US) – A day held annually on January 15th where we get to celebrate one of the world’s oldest accessories… the humble hat. Hold a hat party, post and ask what hat your audience is wearing today, or just buy a new hat!

Note – Hat Day is held on 8th October in Australia to raise awareness of mental illness (a Rotary Club initiative). Find out more here. Held on second Friday in October in Australia.

16. International Hot and Spicy Food Day – Roll out the chillies, today is all about the hot and spicy! #HotAndSpicyFoodDay #HotAndSpicyFood #HotAndSpicy

It’s also Get to Know Your Customers Day. This day actually happens every quarter (you can never spend too much time getting to know your ideal customer, right?). Check out some ideas for observing this day here and consider celebrating it on April 16, July 16 and October 15 as well. #GettoKnowYourCustomersDay

17. Ditch New Year Resolutions Day – For those of us that need it, apparently there is a day to hit pause on your resolutions or ditch them altogether! #DitchNewYearsResolutionsDay

18. National Gourmet Coffee Day – National Gourmet Coffee Day is an excuse for people like me (a card-carrying Aussie coffee snob( to talk about coffee. Who doesn’t love a coffee-tinted social media post. I’d add more ideas here, but first…. coffee. #GourmetCoffee #GourmetCoffeeDay.

Share your favourite coffee on Instagram STories… or your fave Barista. Did you know that you can find stickers to overlay on your stories for engagement. Just search on the Instagram GIF stickers for just about anything. Like… Favorite Barista:

This is a GIF sticker that you can find on Instagram – search for #coffee #barista in Instagram Stories GIF Stickers. GIF by Barbsiegraphy.

or perhaps a coffee quote like this one:

Or what about your fave coffee shop? Search for a fun GIF to go with your stories. There are plenty of great designers out there who have shared content to be shared via Giphy native sharing on social media platforms.

It’s also Martin Luther King Jnr Day – It’s #MLKDay so a great day to celebrate the civil rights icon, and his message. Find out more about the history of MLK Day here.

Maybe share one of his quotes on your social channels. Or a quote from somebody else like this one:

“This is not a black holiday; it is a people’s holiday,”

Coretta Scott King

19. National New Friend’s Day (US) – there are a couple of New Friend’s Days dotted throughout the year… which is a great reminder to make new friends! #NewFriendsDay

20. Cheese Lovers Day – Use #CheeseLoversDay #CheeseLoversDay. Break out the Brie!

Or you are a parmesan fan like me, drool over this:

21. International Sweatpants Day (US) – Feel like spending the day in sweatpants? Today is the day. #InternationalSweatpantsDay

22. Hot Sauce Day – Share your appreciation (or distaste!) for the fiery hot sauce. Or maybe ask your audience if they are hot or not.. or what their fave hot sauce is. People like to talk about Chillies from Tabasco to exotic peppers!

23. National Handwriting Day – It’s time to get friendly with the good old pen and paper. And speaking of which, do you agree that erasable pens are just awesome? Go old school and write in a journal or share a post about the art of handwriting. #HandwritingDay

24. Belly Laugh Day – Who doesn’t love an uninhibited, unbridled belly laugh? The one you can’t control and makes you feel so good afterwards? It’s contagious. Today is all about the belly laugh. Use #BellLaughDay
And here’s why it’s a good thing for you all round:

25. Opposite Day – Have fun today saying the opposite of what you usually mean. For most politicians this should be an average day at work {wink}. #OppositeDay

It’s also Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD – if you have a community manager or social media manager on your team, today is the day to recognize them! Held every 4th Monday in January.

26. Australia Day – the annual day of celebration in Australia. A day to reflect on being Australian, celebrate contemporary Australia and recognize our history.

For many, January 26 has multiple meanings: it is Australia Day for some, and for others, it is Survival Day. Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians have mixed feelings about celebrating this day – some consider it a day of mourning, and others use the day to mark the survival of their ongoing traditions and cultures. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge and learn about the past history of our nation and to reflect on and learn about the ongoing history, traditions and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Find out more here.

27. Chocolate Cake Day – Who doesn’t love chocolate cake. That is all. #ChocolateCakeDay

Create your own chocolate quote or pun to share on Instagram:

Everyone can relate to chocolate.

Hot Tip: You can change this message up to be about business or life too!

28. International Data Privacy Day – Today commemorates the signing of Convention 108, on 28 January 1981. It was the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection by the Council of Europe. Find out more here. It might be a good day to remind everyone of their privacy settings. #NationalPrivacyDay

29. National Corn Chip Day – Break out the guacamole and salsa, today is all about the corn chip! #CornChipDay. Share your favorite “thing” to pair with the humble corn chip – from guac, to cheese to salsa!

It’s also Oprah Winfrey’s Day. If you’re an Oprah fan, today is the day to post about her or wish her a happy birthday. Maybe relive some of her most memorable moments..

30. Croissant Day – Who doesn’t love a Croissant? But do you know about their origin? In 1683 the Turkish Empire laid siege on Vienna, Austria. The Turks tried to conquer the city several times by force but were unsuccessful. They tried using underground tunnels and the bakers in the city heard the sound of digging and alerted Austria’s army. For their role in saving the city, the bakers received high honors and thanks in outwitting the Turks. In celebration, they baked their bread in the shape of a crescent moon – the symbol of the Ottoman Empire.

After the Turks were defeated, it became the crescent-shaped croissants with the morning coffee everywhere in Vienna. #CroissantDay

Feel like making your own?

31. Inspire Your Heart With Art Day – #InspireYourHeartWithArtDay #InspireYourHeartWithArt. Break out your paints, go to a gallery, theatre, cinema, or music venue, and soak up the art around you! Share a quote about the love of music on your socials:

January Social Media Ideas and Holidays – Calendar Weeks and Months in 2020

Use this list of January social media ideas for month-long and week-long holidays:

  • New Year’s Resolutions Week – starting January 1, 2021.
  • Elvis’ Birthday Celebration Week – 7-10 January, 2021.
  • Clean up your Computer Month
  • International Brain Teaser Month
  • International Creativity Month
  • National Blood Donor Month (US)
  • National Hobby Month
  • Slow Cooking Month
  • Unchain a Dog Month
  • National Hot Tea Month (US)
  • Walk Your Pet Month
  • Get a Balanced Life Month
  • Get Organised and be Productive Month

Get More Video Ideas – 99 of them!

Download my free guide to 99 video ideas!

You’ll never run out of video ideas with this guide in your pocket. Grab it here to continue your video content creation:

Try using these articles and tools to help you:

1. Types of videos to create

Not sure what videos to create? Try these – 3 easy to create (and engaging) video ideas to use with our January list!

2. Video Creation Tools

Try some of these tools for creating easy video:

Canva – now with video and animations, it’s never been easier to use Canva’s tools for creating social videos. Upload video or access video stock footage to add to templates and designs too.

Wave.videoThis is one of my favorite video tools and I love using it to create short, social video. Always evolving, Wave.video has some pretty sweet features that turn anyone into a pro-video creator and editor!

Animoto another great video creation tool. Animoto has an easy-to-use drag and drop editor, that makes it really easy to create pro-quality videos.

Over – Over is designed for creating on mobile, so if you love using your phone for everything then you’ll love using it. They also have video templates for creating cool social videos.

InShot – is another mobile app that allows you to create videos on your phone. It’s super easy to use and you can tap into their fun filters, editing effects, stickers and even options for different video sizes. Available on iOS, plus Android.

GiphyGiphy is the world’s largest library of GIFs which will give you loads of GIF inspiration to add personality to your content. With Giphy y9ou can also use their creative tools to create your GIFs too!

Crello – Crello has a big range of cool animated graphic templates in its library. Find out more about Crello here.

Want to add captions to your video? Try using tools like Splasheo, and Quicc to burn captions into your video or do video transcriptions.

Want more content calendar ideas?

Check out our complete 12 month calendar in this post:

Over to You

What strategies and tools are your favorite for creating videos. Get started with our calendar!

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